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Tell me I'm crazy...

When we were at the OB on Thursday, he mentioned that the heartrate was in the high 150s which struck me as odd because it is usually 130-140, but I didn't say anything and he was totally unconcerned. LO has been moving like crazy this week, and getting the hiccups a few times a day which is a relatively new development in the past two weeks. Since it had been happening so often compared to before, I googled it (bad mama!) to see if I was eating something that was causing the hiccups, and came across a few articles that said increased hiccups and increased heart rate could be a sign that the cord is knotted or wrapped around the baby's neck. Would that really even matter at this stage of the game (34 weeks) or is that more of a worry at the end/at delivery?

Now I'm worried, and I need a few snarky comments to bring me back to sanity before I call the OB after hours... Just pretend we're in first trimester again Embarrassed

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Re: Tell me I'm crazy...

  • I would actually call the dr. Ive not heard of that before. Both with my son and this pregnancy, I've experienced a lot of belly hiccups but no high heart rate.
  • I thought the 150s were right on par for heartbeats, and hiccups are a common 3rd trimester occurance. If there was a reason for concern, your doctor would have told you.

    As for the snarky remark... It's totally your fault for raising your hands above your head that ONE TIME. Because EVERYONE knows that raising you hands above your head causes the umbilical cord to wrap around the baby's neck.

    "What are you having?" "Well the radiologist says its a healthy little human baby. I'm a little disappointed, because I really wanted a puppy." LOL
  • Don't call because even if it were wrapped its not something I'd worry about at this point. Also for me the heart rate ha been 150 to 160 through tie whole pregnancy and she's gotten hiccups frequently. We had an ultrasound last week and the cord is fine. If its a concern bring it up next appointment unless something else raises concern.
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  • I wouldn't worry either.  Baby girl's heart rate was in the 150s this past week and the doctor said that was good.  She gets the hiccups multiple times a day now too and has for a few weeks.  I'd probably get a little worried if I had a day that she didn't get hiccups now!
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  • My son's heart rate on the womb was always 140 to 150's and this one is as well. My son as well as this baby had hiccups all the time too. Babies practice breathing in the third trimester and this can cause the hiccups if they take in too much amniotic fluid. I wouldn't call the doctor over that but to each, his own.
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  • I feel him hiccup at least once a day, usually more. My nurse asked if I feel him hiccuping, and she said "that's a good sign".

    My lo's heart rate is usually around 150. In my NSTs I've seen his heartrate go from a baseline of 130 to changing to the baseline of 150. Both numbers are well within normal, and babies can change their baseline often!
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  • With DS his heart rate went really low when I had a NST at the end of my pregnancy and they said that was a sign that the cord may had been wrapped around his neck or been knotted. So I think if their heart rate drops thats something to worry about, not the heart rate going up....but I have really no idea, I am not a doctor lol :-P
  • Thanks everyone!! I will try to keep my arms below my shoulders for the next few weeks, and stay away from google Smile
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  • Heartrate can fluctuate depending on baby's activity level. I've been told anywhere from 140 to 170 this pregnancy. DS had a pretty steady 150ish heartrate at the end of my pregnancy and he did have his cord wrapped around his neck twice. They never even suspected it until I was overdue and they found it on ultrasound.
  • As pp said, my doctor told me that low heartrates and suddenly reduced activity levels are cause for alarm (not the opposite). 150s is normal (my guy bounces between 140s-150s) and my understanding is that hiccuping helps them develop the diaphragm muscles that they need to breathe, so it's good practice.

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