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Any experience with the Magic Merlin sleep suits?

We just ordered one for DS today because he is starting to spend more time fighting the swaddle than enjoying it, but still wakes himself from startling and hitting himself in the face. Anyone have one and can share their LOs experience with it?

Re: Any experience with the Magic Merlin sleep suits?

  • Yes DD was swaddled every night until 4 months old.  Started fighting it...she slept same amount of time in Merlin suit as swaddled and was able to suck her thumb with suit on.  We actually just transitioned to regular sleep sack last night because it was getting too warm for Merlin suit in our house.  I would suggest a short sleeve onesie under and no socks.  With temp about 72 in the house, 1 night I had a long sleeve onesie and socks and she was way too warm - back sweat onto the suit,  She was still able to scratch her little face with the suit on so make sure his nails are clipped! Good luck! 

  • Our LO loves it!! Her room tends to run cold so we do a short sleeve onesie with socks on when its warm out. Or a long sleeve sleeper with feet when it's cold still dipping into the 30's here at night. She took about 2 nights to sleep as well as when she was swaddled.
  • yes! we use it even for daycare. It helped us transition from rock n play and crib to swing. Couldn't live without it right now.. we have two. That being said, my first LO did not like it.
  • LO sleeps as well in it as he did swaddled! He isn't moving all over his crib in it which is why we made the swaddle to sleep suit switch!! 
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  • We have on eand love it! We are probably going to transition out of it soon because he is gtting too big for even the large but with his sleep suit he sleeps for 10 hours at night
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