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Anyone elses May Flower really really clingy?

DS is officially 11 months today. For as long as I can remember he has wanted to cling to me like a koala. DH actually compared him to a baby koala the other day because we went to grab lunch at McDonalds and DS wouldn't go into his high chair.. He wanted to stand next to me in the booth, one hand with a chicken nugget, and the other wrapped around me. I know that babies do require attention and love.. But I've never seen a baby that required someone to hold them ALL the time. Don't get me wrong.. He may get down and play for a little bit.. But as soon as I walk out of the room he throws a huge fit and chases me (he's still crawling). I'm exhausted packing him around 24/7.. Especially when he could be perfectly fine playing with his toys.. But he won't.. Any suggestions to help break this cycle? 
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Re: Anyone elses May Flower really really clingy?

  • No real help, only sympathy! DD will be 11 months on June 1 and has been my Velcro monkey all along but it has definitely gotten worse. I have the exact same situation as you except I am packing our whole house and moving on Tuesday.

     I am eager to hear if anyone else has any suggestions. My solution has been to put her in the sling so I can still get stuff done. 

  • Same Here! DS Was 11 Months On Thursday And He Has Been Super Clingy To Me For A Few Weeks Now. Some Days Are Better Than Others And I'm Assuming It's A Phase. It Is Exhausting For Sure But I'm Just Readjusting My Expectations For Now And If I Absolutely Need To AccomplisH Something Than He Might Have To Cry In His Crib For A But.

    Sorry I Don't Know Why My Phone Is Capitalizing Everything!
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  • I suggest getting a carrier like a scootababy and wearing lo. It is a phase but can be a long one.
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  • DD seems to be going through a renewed bout of separation anxiety.  I read that it is common when they are getting close to walking because, while they enjoy their new independence, it also scares them and they want to make sure you'll still be there for them. 

    I'm trying to maintain some balance without coddling her too much --  like if she's yelling because I am in the other room, I'll sing or talk to her to make sure she knows I'm still there.  It doesn't necessarily stop her from yelling about it, but at least she knows I'm around. 

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  • Same here!!! I don't know where it came from but I am relieved to know it's definitely not just me... I hope this phase doesn't last too long, however I know it will be sad when she doesn't want me around anymore!
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