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Im thinking of working part time this summer to build our savings up more. I was hoping to find something teaching French or translating, but can't seem to. I used to make 1 to 2 hundred dollars a night serving at a local wine bar, so i might call the owner and see if he has an opening for the summer. I left on good terms with them, and the money there was amazing. I applied as a part time teacher at a day care to. I figure if I get a call, I'll take it, and if not, oh well. It would be nice to put some extra money aside, and I could probably save between 3 and 5 thousand if I go back to serving three nights a week. Part of me wants to be lazy all summer though. It's nice that DH doesn't work during the summer and I could spend all summer with him and LO.

Any of you work part time or anything like that?

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Re: Thinking of working

  • I have been considering doing something similar.  I put in an app to work part time in the child center at the Y.  DD could come with me and the hours are easy,  We've lived off of DH's income for over a year but I  would like to finish paying off debt and increase our savings at a faster rate.  If I get the job, great; if not, oh well.  
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  • I work 2-3 nights a week at a retail store.  It's not a lot of money, but the discount on the kids clothes is great!
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  • I'm going to work parttime next month.

    I worked FT in an employment office and on call doing crisis/acute mental health evaluations at another place. I had no intention of going back to either one, but especially the on call one. I loved the job, but I couldn't be leaving the house at 11pm to cover a midnight shift because some didn't show up. I could do it before, but with a baby there's just no way.

    To make a long story short, my ED from my on call job basically called and offered me the ideal work situation. I couldn't turn it down, especially because I do want to go back FT eventually.

    I'm doing 3 days a week, never more. I am in control of my days and shifts. I can go FT whenever I'm ready, but they know it won't be for a few years. When I do go FT I get full benefits and pension.

    It wasn't really a financial decision, but it was a professional one. If I took a few years off, I'd have to start at the bottom in a competitive and over saturated mental health field in the area. DS will be in a close friend's cousin's home daycare for anywhere from 3 to 6 hours depending on my shift.

    Honestly, I have my perfectly ideal work situation to go back to, but it's still hard!!!
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  • My "part-time" job is 30 hours a week. Sigh. I'm a half-time art teacher at an elementary school. It is really nice having something non-SAHM to think about!
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  • I'm working towards becoming a doula so I'm going to be working, but it's going to be very very part time and it's still a little bit in the future.  About a year ago I was doing some contract work in my old industry.  I was able to do it from home and it was very part-time.  It was nice banking some extra money though and I was paid very well for my time. 

    I think if MH had all summer off then getting out for some part-time work would be a great option!  You get to bring in some extra income, get out and do something on your own a bit, etc.  Plus you'll still have plenty of family time.  Sounds great to me!

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  • I serve two nights a week at a Chinese place. It is nice talking Kung pao instead of poopy diapers once in a while.

    I HAVE to stop eating the product though. Oh the sodium...... 

  • My old store (I was a retail manager prior to SAH) called and offered me a very PT temporary  admin. position. The pay was actually great for the 10-15 hours a week they wanted me but DH has such a weird schedule that I would've needed childcare.

    I calculated it out and by the end of the contract after childcare I would've had a whopping $250. I had really wanted to do it because we're just a few thousand shy of some financial goals. By walking way from a short term gig with less than $300 in my pocket is insane. 

    In your case, I'd totally go for it!  

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  • I work two days a week from home while the kids are in preschool. I love the balance it gives my life and the extra spending money. GL!
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  • I work part time as well.  I teach lessons two nights a week and play gigs on weekends.  It is nice having extra money.  We've been able to pay some bills off and put extra in savings.  It is also lovely getting a little break from the kiddo
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  • I might start working after I feel comfortable putting DS in daycare. Even then it would only be PT.

  • I worked full-time bartending at a family friends bar up until the day I had DS. When my replacement didnt work out I went back but have a very part-time schedule. I am there three nights a week for 4-5 hours a day. It is nice to have a little extra cash in hand and to put some more money away in our savings. 
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  • Yep, I waitress 1-2 nights a week from 6-11p. I love it. It doesn't interfere with any fun family activities at all. I love having my own money for gas/food/activities for the kids. I also love the socializing with adults aspect too.
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