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FAIL!!! nursing to sleep...

Oh I have created a monster, please help...

I am a FTM so I had no idea that nursing to sleep would be that bad. Now we are doing the 4 month wakeful and she is fighting naps and sleep at night, no longer sleeping in her crib, and needs to use me as a human pacifier forever to get to sleep!!! I am freaking out cuz I go back to work Monday and DH and my mom are going to end up with a screaming baby that can't self soothe yet! How does this end? She is too young to sleep train and I hate CIO but what will we do? Does this fix itself? Will she just have to CIO for them and will learn that way? I am so sleep , she will not take a paci, and I am so sad for what a shock this will be for her on Monday...I feel like a terrible mom for letting out come to this!
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Re: FAIL!!! nursing to sleep...

  • It happens, don't be too hard on yourself! She'll get through it, it just might be tough for your DH and mom, but they'll have to find another way to soothe her. It might take a few days of adjustment, but she'll get into the swing of things! Good luck to you!
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  • Will she be taking bottles while you're at work? If so, why not have your DH and Mom give her a bottle and see if she'll fall asleep eating the bottle.  With a slow flow nipple so she doesn't chug the bottle she may fall asleep just like if she was nursing.


    DS2 nursed to sleep until he weaned at 13 months and we had no issues transitioning.  One Saturday I cut his morning nap nursing session and he went down with no fight (DH put him down instead of me).  The next Saturday we cut the afternoon nap nursing session and had no issues.  I continued nursing before bed until he naturally weaned himself and we haven't had a single issue with him not being able to go to sleep without nursing.  In out situation it worked well and I don't regret nursing him to sleep at all but I can see that for some it would be more difficult.  Give the bottle a try, you may be pleasantly surprised!  Good luck!

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  • My LO naps much better after a bottle of pumped milk than after nursing.  You may find that your baby actually does better napping while you're at work.

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  • I wish the bottle wood work but so far she has been unable to take then due to a weak suck swallow. She has been in therapy and nursing better so I am praying she cab once I go back to work.
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  • Offer as many bottles as you can this weekend to get her used to it. Keep trying even if she refuses at first. Come Monday, you will not be available to nurse, so she will have no choice but to take a bottle eventually. Be patient with the transition and give it at least two weeks for her to adjust to different caregivers. Yes, there may be some tears and screams, but it will get better each day. Your mom and DH will find their own rhythm with her and figure out their own special way of soothing her.

  • The pacifier can be your best friend for putting baby to sleep! I would nurse to sleep for the first 3 months, and now I have been trying to get out of the habit by giving a paci and walking rocking her to sleep. It works wonders!
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  • Don't beat yourself up! Honestly I wouldn't CIO just yet though.

  • When it comes to getting our LO to sleep I nurse him but sometimes I need DH to do it. The only way he can get him to sleep is going for a car ride. And sometimes goes into a hardware store and just makes laps in the lighting aisle. Sounds silly but it works!
  • Calm down. It's not that bad.

    CIO isn't the devil if you do it the right way. It doesn't mean you leave your child to cry endlessly, it just means you let them cry for a couple of minutes, then go and comfort them if they don't stop. So if this sounds like something you think will help, it's worth a shot.

    Often, babies act differently for different people. While she may demand your boob from you, she may be easier to put down with you not around for someone else. It's not a for sure thing, but it is pretty common! Good luck!

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  • Don't worry, you didn't create a monster. It's natural for babies to nurse to sleep! I was worried too but it seems like DD sleeps way better at daycare. I called to check on her earlier and apparently she fell asleep a few minutes after they laid her down then napped for two hours, she never does that at home!

    Does she ever suck on her hands? Try to practice getting her to sleep on her own and help her find her hand to suck on, or a paci if she will take it. If you try and it seems like she's just working herself up, nurse her to sleep then try again on the next nap. Eventually she will get it with practice.

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