LO won't open mouth

I'm a FTM and my LO is 2 and a half weeks old. He's always had a pretty shallow latch but it hasn't always hurt. The past few days though have been excruciating. He doesn't open his mouth wide and I have no idea how to encourage him to get it open wider. He also only opens his mouth for a split second at a time so getting him to latch at all is an ordeal. Any advice on getting his mouth open wider? Or just longer so I can maneuver him to my breast properly?
He's gaining weight well so I know he's getting enough milk but my nipples can't take much more of this.

Re: LO won't open mouth

  • We have the same problem. The LCs told us that I should point my nipple at his nose so he looks up and his lower jaw hits my nipple first then his upper jaw. Make sure baby's chin is not tucked under. For me, this was still hard because even if we start with a decent latch, he would back off the nipple at some point during the feeding and wind up with a shallow latch again. Resulting in me either taking him off or just dealing with the pain so he can finish eating. At first when we first tried this I had to wait for him to let out a cry to get his mouth open enough. Sometimes I would use an extra hand to keep his lower jaw open but that was tough.

    Have him checked by an LC or an ENT to see if he's tongue tied. That's easily correctable. It wasn't our issue but it could be yours.
  • In the beginning when my LO would have a shallow latch I would take my thumb and gently push down on his chin to make his lower jaw open wider. As per LC's advice.
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