My friend is having twins!

I have a friend with a 1 1/2year old and just found that she was having twins :) So this is to all the mothers of multiples....what are somethings that I could do that would help her...(not only during the 9 months but also during that first year?)

Thanks :)


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Re: My friend is having twins!

  • after I give birth, I'm hoping for dinners so I can focus on adjusting to my twins before having to cook lol
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    after I give birth, I'm hoping for dinners so I can focus on adjusting to my twins before having to cook lol

    This. But a lot of people brought actual meals for DH and I for dinner that were obviously to large for me to just throw in the oven for myself so I found it to be really helpful when friends brought by really easy snacks that I could just grab and eat on the go during the day when I was home alone. Stuff like, granola bars, chips, cookies....junk etc.
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  • Gift cards for restaurants that offer take out and delivery and if she doesnt have a crockpot buy one for her ! I love my crockpot it has been a life saver! You also might want to offer to watch the babies so that she can take a nap or shower !
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  • Meals. My church uses You can set that up with her friends so she has meals brought to her for the first few weeks.

    Offer to watch babies so she can nap. WIth one it is easier to nap when they nap, but getting two newborns to sleep at the same time is a task, so it is harder to do. 

    If you're close enough to her to do this, when you come don't come just to visit but pick a task, cleaning the kitchen or doing laundry etc. My in-laws came to visit and would sit and chat and while I generally enjoy their company it cut into my nap time and the visits made life more difficult. My mom would come over and just start cleaning and it was so helpful. She'd hold babies and chat too, but it was so helpful not to think about the kitchen or the laundry for that day.

     I got a care package with snacks, lanolin cream etc. That was fun too.  


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  • Take her older one out as much as you can!
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  • Food is wonderful, as is laundryfolding help.
    Thinking back, this is kind of off the wall, but I can never remember what day it is. I am just so busy. We have those little onesie stickers and I did get to do the 2nd or 3rd month and it bums me out. It would be so nice if someone kept the 14th in mind and came out for a playdate once a month to help me do their monthly pictures. I just can't keep track of it all. I'd also love more pictures of ME with the boys.

    Another thing I'd love is if someone dropped off a huge case of size four diapers. We're long out of baby shower diapers, but the boys are still going through diapers like crazy and it would just be awesome to have a giant box of diapers magically appear on my front step!
    Another thing I can't find the time to do is workout. Somebody sitting with the kids long enough for me to go out for a run would be great"
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