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Worried about a Pass the Baby Party

My husbands parents are divorced and both have been remarried since he was very young so we are close with both sides. I had told his stepmom that I did not want her to throw me a shower because his mom and my mom both were and I didn't think it was necessary. She asked if she could throw us a BBQ once the baby was here as a Diaper Party. She is getting kegs and a bunch of food and asked people to bring a bag of diapers. It sounded like a fun idea when she mentioned it during my pregnancy. Now that my DS is here I am worried about it. I love my step-MIL but she can be very opinionated and I don't really stand up to her. I can totally see her playing pass the baby all day. The party starts at 2 and she told me the other day that there "is a TON of people coming". People I don't even know! My LO is only 6 weeks old and I am worried about germies and an over stimulated baby. So I have 2 questions: 1. What is a polite way throughout the day to make sure my baby is not going from person to person. I can see letting grandparents and maybe aunts and uncles hold him, but my DH has SO many cousins that will be there too and probably asking to hold him. How do I decline politely? 2. Would it be rude to leave by 6pm? There is going to be kegs so I'm sure the party will be going late, but I am trying to keep my LO on a 'bedtime' now and want to be home at a decent hour. TIA for any advice!!
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Re: Worried about a Pass the Baby Party

  • I have no problems with passing my baby around, so I can't help with that one. But I think leaving by 6 is absolutely appropriate. You and your LO will probably be exhausted by then. 

  • You could also get a wrap and wear your baby. That might help ward off people a bit. Also, if someone asks you can say "not now I need to change LO or feed LO etc.."
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  • At Easter there were about 15 people there-a bunch I didn't know. We got there and i told everyone she needed a nap in the sling first (She didn't sleep in the 45 minute ride there) so she slept for 1 hour in there. When she got up for her food, I fed her and had a 20-30 minute limit on how long she was allowed to be out.  i started saying things like "ohhh look at that yawn..someones sleepy" and "look at this red eyes! someone needs a nap!" after 20 minutes so they'd get the hint. Then i put her back in my sling for another couple hours, fed her right before we left then told everyone "ok, it's bed time! time to head one likes a cranky baby!"


    The sling really helped keep her out of peoples hands and everyone could see she was napping so they got to see her which appeased most people. a couple people were a little irritated they didn't get to hold her, but the majority understood!

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  • Yes, use a wrap. And go ahead and leave at 6, baby needs a stable routin! or you could talk to your husband about not wanting a bunch of peopl touching/holding the baby because it could make little one sore(not bsing either I know of it happening!)...just food for thought
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  • Is this a party your mom or a good friend that other people don't know could attend? People usually don't have the guts to take a newborn from your moms or besties arms, especially if they don't know her, and it's also easier for mom or bestie to say I'm not done yet, I'll pass baby in a lil bit... I like the wearing idea, but I know that's not always an option
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  • Wear your baby. Restrict access.  Leave when you feel it is appropriate.  I spent the first 2.5 weeks of my baby's life in the hospital with him.  While there, i saw what can happen to babies who get the flu.  From people who didn't know they carried it.  Don't risk it. Be firm, mama!

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