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Dr Brown's leaking? *updated!*

Before I try and call the company, anyone have probs with Dr. Brown's bottles leaking? I'm talking about the ones with the blue guys inside them.

It seems like we have 1 out of a package of 3 that consistently leaks but we cannot pin point where it is coming from. 

I am about to order R some more from amazon because she will need some just for my Mom's when I go back to work but have been hesitating now that I have noticed this, so I was thinking I would call them. I bought from BRU, still have the package and might have the receipt but I bought them before R was born, so a while ago. 

I will probably still get some more because this is all R will take, just wanted to notice if anyone else had this issue?


Ok ladies, I left a message with the company, it is just a mailbox but in the mean time I did find this on their site: 


When liquid gets into the venting system, it can sometimes leak out around the nipple collar. This can happen three ways:

  1. If you heat your bottle with the nipple collar securely in place, the liquid will be forced up into the vent as it expands. To avoid this, either heat the bottle without the nipple collar or loosen the nipple collar one-half turn after heating to allow the pressure to equalize. Then, re-tighten it before feeding.
  2. If you use powdered formula and mix it by shaking the bottle, liquid can get into the vent. The solution for this is to mix the formula by stirring it with a spoon rather than by shaking.
  3. If you overheat the liquid in the bottle, the vapor will rise and condense in the vent. To prevent this, avoid warming the liquid beyond body temperature.


I am thinking I am guilty of #1, I will try that in the mean time. Thought I would let you ladies know as some of you said you were having the same issues!


Re: Dr Brown's leaking? *updated!*

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