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What did you bring to the hospital?!

Im getting Induced Wednesday, going to be getting my bag together tonight, I get the basics (clean underwear and toothbrush) but did you girls bring anything to help pass the time? or was your adrenaline too pumped to do anything (Like magazines, or cards to play with DH after the epidural, things like that)

Anything else you brought that you couldn't have done without?! Anything you forgot?!

Also, I am getting cervidil Wednesday night, can I bring stuff to munch on?! were you allowed to eat after that? or was it just ice chips and popsicles once it was inserted?


Re: What did you bring to the hospital?!

  • I brought a suitcase full of things I never used to the hospital. I brought a nursing night gown for the day after birth but was bleeding far too much to feel comfortable putting it on. I brought underwear but ended up just wearing the mesh hospital ones
  • The one random thing I wish I'd brought was a folder to keep all the papers we got organized. You'll get discharge instructions, stuff from the ped, forms to fill out, etc and in a sleepdeprived state it is hard to keep them all organized!
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  • They started my cervidil around dinner time, so the nurse let me eat something "light" which meant I ate a chicken salad sandwich from a vending machine.   Eat something good before you go.

    I brought two tote bags of stuff I didn't use. &nbs

  • I didn't bring much and didn't have use for a lot of what I did bring. I wish I had remembered a toothbrush... but I failed there. I loved having travel shampoo and body wash. I brought and used my make-up... it made me feel a little more human when I

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  • One weird thing I really appreciated was bringing my own toilet paper. The hospitals sucks.
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  • I just brought the basic toiletries when I got induced with my daughter, like clothes, pillows, chargers, etc. I think I brought my Kindle too but l never read it because I was so focused after the Pitocin was administered. It certainly wouldn't hurt to

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  • I was really glad we had music. After delivery I was really happy to have my iPad and my own pillow. 

    I had cervadil and they let me eat after a couple of hours to make sure I wasn't reacting really quickly. 




  • I was very happy to have a pair of pajamas (I got a nursing set from Motherhood Maternity).   I took a black pair in case I had any bleeding accidents - but my PP bleeding was really not as bad as expected.   I waited several hours before sho


  • iPod and speakers were a godsend.
    Snacks are a must.
    A water bottle was awesome.
    Take the very best toilet paper you can buy. Seriously. Now is not the time for budget shopping.
    Nursing tanks rule also.
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  • Bring some snack for you for after the delivery.  They didn't give me much because I delivered at midnight, and I was saved by a container of goldfish crackers we brought.  I brought a magazine to read before the induction, which got delayed by
  • First see what your hospital provides. In reading what others' did and didn't it seems that it really varies. The things that I really needed were: flip flops to wear in the shower, different kinds of lip balm (all of the ones that I used made me vomit)

  • I used almost nothing that I brought. All I needed was my phone, charger, toothbrush and toothpaste. I also used the travel sized toiletries I had brought, and my comb and hairbrush, once after I took a shower haha.  I lived in the hospital
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    One weird thing I really appreciated was bringing my own toilet paper. The hospitals sucks.
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  • I had a surprise induction at 41 weeks because an ultrasound showed low fluid levels. I was there for quite some time because I did two rounds of the cervadil and 6 hours of pitocin. So, I was in labor for two days essentially. Contractions were lastin
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