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Wrap for newborn

With my first, I always thought I wanted a carrier, but never bothered looking into one and consequently never ended up getting one.

With #2 on the way, I know it's something I definitely want to do this time around and think will be necessary to get certain things done (around the house, grocery store, take walks, etc.)

So what would you recommend? I'm looking on Amazon and there's the Moby, the Boba Wrap, Baby K'tan and more...

What would be best for what I'm looking to do?

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Re: Wrap for newborn

  • I only have the Moby, and it works well for walks, grocery trips, and *some* things around the house. The only thing is, if you live in a warmer climate, it gets HOT.  

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  • We have the K'tan and it was awesome for when LO was little.  Now that she is almost 1 we have moved to the ergo and back carry.  The K'tan was really easy to learn to put on, offered a few different ways to wear her without being to difficult.
  • I only had experience with the moby but I loved it. I loved how soft and snuggly it was, and it was pretty easy to use.  I do agree it can get hot though.  I primarily wore it in the house, because it was so t-shirty and comfortable I could have the babe in there all day.  And as he got older, I used it for walking the dog and the warmth helped so I didn't have to throw a million layers on the kid.
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  • I love the boba wrap. You just wrap it tight and it stretches over baby. I found it simpler the moby. Also it isn't too hot.


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  • I had the Moby with my first and didn't love it.  I bought a Happy Wrap this time and LOVE it!  I didn't buy it until LO was around 5mos old though so no experience with a newborn.
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  • I'd skip them all as their usefullness will be limited, and jersey knit is hot. Try a woven wrap like a Vatanai or a Didymos.
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  • When DD was little I had a Moby. I liked it. It was a little hot, but it was ok. But then I got a woven wrap- a Vatanai- and I absolutely LOVE it! It is cooler and so much more versatile. I can do back and hip carries, which I still do  with my toddler (and you can't do those in a Moby). And the instructions that came with it shows you how to wear and BF a NB. I am so excited for that since I now have a toddler to chase after. Just wrap baby up, latch her on, and go!

    The woven was pricey, though. It was my Mother's Day gift last year. But honestly, I really wish I would have gotten it sooner. 

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