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Plans for the weekend?

Any big (or little) plans for the weekend?!

My husband and I are going to see the new Rock and Mark Wahlberg movie. He's the one that really wants to see it, but I won't complain ;-) We're going to the nice 'dine in' theatre too (it's ruined all other theatres for me now!) 

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Re: Plans for the weekend?

  • My baby shower is tomorrow and Sunday I plan on finishing organizing the house. My husband will be doing a lot of cleaning since I can not do it without serious pain.


  • My ILs are coming... MIL is staying for 3 weeks to help with the baby, if he ever decides to make an appearance.

    Other than that, we have football practice today, soccer game tomorrow, and football game on Sunday. DH is working Saturday afternoo

  • Going to the zoo, maybe all the walking will make this little child want to come out.
  • My husband is a baseball coach in addition to being a teacher, so he stays very busy during baseball season.  He actually has Sunday off, so we are planning to do a picnic at an area park/hiking place and walk around some.  May not sound too exc
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  • Organizing and cleaning, my moms surprise birthday dinner, more cleaning and shopping for last minute baby things,
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  • I am throwing a bachelorette party for my friend who's wedding I'll be in next Sunday, FX. I can't tell you how excited I am to be going to a piano bar with a group of girls that will eventually be drunk off their a$$es :) 

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  • Hoping to catch a movie and go bowling.

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  • I plan on walking, walking, walking. I'm so ready to walk this kid out...
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  • Cleaning the house, making my SIL cake for her baby shower, the her shower is on Sunday.
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  • Gut instinct tells me labor, but who knows.

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  • I assume you're talking about iPic it has ruined all theaters for me too! We love near SQ and I am there way too often ;

    We are tying up some loose baby ends, and I am trying to spend so r quality time with DD before baby comes. I have a sp

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  • A movie sounds like fun! When we lived in a different city they had a cinema and draft house and it was one of our favorite activities.

    My birthday was on Wednesday and to celebrate are going to the Eastern Shore to eat crabs this weekend. I cann

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  • My shower is tomorrow!  YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!
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  • Hanging out with my step son, son and husband tonight...tomorrow going out with the girls all day on a bus trip to Turning Stone Casino :) Going to play bingo Sunday taking the kids to a place called Jungle Jolt....then URGH back to work on monday...
  • I'm going to try to get DH to bring me to the movies tonight.

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  • Hopefully finishing up the last of the organizing of the nursery/guest room. Replacing curtains, buying some storage containers for under the bed, and putting up some of those Ikea Spice racks for bookracks. (Thank you pinterest for that super cheap fi

  • Tomorrow we're going to  a baseball game, Sunday is church.  Hopefully I go into labor during/after the game and get this baby out.  I'll be 39w on Monday and I'm ready for the parents to have their baby and my family is ready to have the o

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  • We were originally going to get the boat out of storage and get it cleaned and ready to put in the water (would like to have it in before the baby comes) but the ground is still too wet. We have had a ton of rain and it's too soggy to try and tow

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  • It's a four day weekend for me which I am very excited about! I hope to make some freezer meals, go see a movie, clean the house, and H has softball games tomorrow.

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  • Tomorrow is my bday... so something fun depending on how I'm feeling. At least a good dinner somewhere nice... and I'm determined to get a cupcake somewhere Stick out tongue

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  • On Saturday, grocery shopping and some goofy benefit dinner my boss invited me and my husband to. On Sunday baking and making deviled eggs for my department's spring barbecue. I'm more excited about that than the dinner!

    I should probably pack my

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  • Aww just seen this, but we just went and seen that, Totally worth it, I could have dealt with more shirtless scenes though. I think I will go for a pedi tomorrow and maybe a massage would be nice too.


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  • image ScottsdaleMama:

    Any big (or little) plans for the weekend?!

    My husband and I are going to see the new Rock and Mark Wahl

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  • Love dine-in theaters! You're right, it does ruin the "regular" theater experience once you've been to one. ;-)

    Tomorrow my kids have baseball and soccer games.  Then DH and I are going to put some finishing touches on the nursery and maybe

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  • We're going to Providence for the weekend. I had a free hotel room that I wanted to use before baby gets here, so we're staying at a hotel with an indoor pool (swimming! yay!), going to a Providence Bruins game, and probably hitting up Dave and Buster's t
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  • Heading to CT for our baby shower on DH's side (sunday).  We'll go down tomorrow and hang out with his parents for our last overnight stay at their house before the LO arrives.

    PS... I'm sure it'll be fine, but I'm a little nervous we'll be

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  • We have our last Hypnobirthing class. Then we are off to get baby shampoo, a puj tub, socks and some sleepers for the LO. The only the things we need now for the baby. We got really lucky and blessed at our shower last weekend. 

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