AW:Thanks ladies 1 yr!!!

Thank you baby Jesus for the breastfeeding board and for all the wonderful breastfeeding moms!!

I have to accredit this board for the wealth of knowledge, support and apathy. To all the ladies on this board that offer good advice, encouraging advice, experience, and even a moment of your time to respond to another bfing mama's post YOU ARE AMAZING!!! You may have just encouraged her to keep going another day or week or month, you may have just given her the advice she needed and now she's at the stage where bfing gets easier.

Today I stop and think for a minute when I was that new distressed first time bfing mom with a baby that wouldn't move his hands from his face so that I could feed him and as I moved his little hands they seemed to spring right back to where they were and I was LEAKING milk EVERYWHERE or that toe curling tear inducing pain of latching on, or waking up every 2 hrs round the clock, clogged milk ducts, cracked nipples, rubbing lanolin after every feeding. I distinctly remember almost giving up a dozen times and counting down the months till a year. The beginning was challenging to say the least.

Now I'm at a year and get teary eyed thinking about the day it will all be over, one day my LO won't want to nurse anymore and I will have realized that something so natural does not come natural to many but in the end ALL that effort and "work" is worth it. I get that tightening in my throat when I think I almost gave up on the single most precious experience of my life, I almost missed it... BUT I didn't because of the encouragement on this board and as time went on bfing got easy I started to like it, love it actually!!

This board kept me going, there's no other way I would have learned as much as I did and thus kept bfing because of it.

So thanks ladies because of you I didn't miss out on this special bonding experience!!! And while I know we won't be bfing forever that smile LO gives while nursing will be imprinted in my memory for a life time =)

*Must note I did see an LC a few times in the beginning and successfully  corrected that latch on issue.

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