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A short version of my birth story *pic*

Well hope this works I'm having computer issues and it won't let me preview this.

Well, its my lame attempted at a birth story.

Doctor wanted to induce me because she felt her head was getting to large to come vaginally. Show up to the hospital, drugs were given to me. At some point my epidural started to wear off, and the pressure was insane, ::insert laugh here:: It was so bad that I was crying out for my cat, not the husband, but I wanted my cat. ::I laugh about that now:: Fast forward to the point that I've been in labor (at the hospital) for about 22/23 hours. I started a fever and everyone starting freaking out about how I'm going to have to have an emergency c-section. Got my fever and the babys heartbeat down. At this point I'm ready to push (It's now  11 something ) I push for an hour. Tried different positions, the doctor was getting pissed at me. (At least it felt that way for me)

This is when I start Begging for a c-section because I'm starting to hurt really bad and the pressure is building back up again, to a point that I thought I was going to pass out. The RN at the doctors office stayed to help deliver the baby even though she was supposed to be home. (She is a cat lady like me, ) I was bribing her with a new cat if she just gave me a c-section. At this point I'm hyperventilating and shaking uncontrollably.

My doctor was like, fine if this is what she wants fine.

TURNS OUT! she was stuck in my pelvis, so if I pushed like they wanted me to, it would have made no progress. The doctor after she took her out was like JENNIFER! You would have never pushed her out. My pelvis is too small and I wouldn't even be able to push a 6 pound baby out.

Charlie Anne Was born at 2:20 in the morning Tuesday 8 pounds 13 ounces and 21 inches long. (I still don't know how she fit in my belly. )



Re: A short version of my birth story *pic*

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