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Brag post

Okay ladies, these babies are growing up WAY too fast! We have known each other for close to a year now, and I want to get to know your sweet little angels. Can we do a getting to know you for our LOs? I'll start.

Name: Ella Virginia

DOB: February 26

Age: 2 months today!

Positive traits: Ella is such a happy, alert little girl. She loves to look at her toys on her activity mat. She is always smiling. She's super easy going and patient with me too. If she didn't have the severe reflux, I would have a perfect baby!

Negative traits: Ellie has such severe reflux that she vomits and chokes which blocks her airway and she stops breathing until I can clear it.

Favorite baby items: Pikkolo carrier, RnP, Aden and Anais blankies, Wubbanub binkies, boppy, My Little Lamb swing, infant visual stimulation posters

Pictures (or describe baby's looks if you don't feel comfortable posting a pic):


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Re: Brag post

  • She is sooooo sticken cute. What a doll face. Even in her hospital gown, she is working it!


  • Name: Jack Edward

    DOB: March 1

    Age: 8 weeks today

    Positive Traits: Is happy and likes to cuddle all the time!

    Negative Traits: Spits up all. day. long.

    Favorite Baby Items: Moby wrap, PNP, Boppy, Formula Pitcher

    I hate uploading photos on here! It takes forever and never works for me! 

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  • Name: Natalie Rose

    DOB- March 26- 1 month today!

    Positive Traits- She smiles at me all the time and has been good on all of our outings so far. She sleeps really well and loves cuddling with mommy and daddy!

    Negative- none, she is perfectly sweet in every way

     Favorite baby items- Ergo carrier, I wear her everywhere. Also love Dr. Brown's bottles, A&A swaddles and all of her adorable outfits. 

     I have no idea how to upload photos....can you do it from your hard drive, or do you have to use a third party site like photobucket? Not sure.

  • Name: Connor Tsaliroi

    DOB: March 20

    Age: 5 weeks

    Positive traits: He sleeps so well!! I have yet to have a really rough night with him, except the two nights I was engorged (and that wasn't his fault!). He even sleeps through most of his sisters' screaming during the day and will sleep anywhere (crib, bassinet, swing, bouncer, car seat...). Feeling super spoiled. He also loves his sisters and contentedly puts up with most of their over-eager "help" (as long as I rescue him before it goes too far).

    Negative traits: Poor boy is gassy, thanks to oversupply. His witching hour is during the time I'm trying to make dinner, eat dinner, and put my older kids to bed. He's also got some lazy nursing habits and I frequently have to pull him off and relatch when it starts hurting.

    Favorite baby items: The swing and rocker/bouncer get the most use, keeping him from where he might be trampled by his sisters. Also: the fan. The noise helps him sleep well at night. We have noticed a difference when we forget to turn it on at night.

    Pictures (or describe baby's looks if you don't feel comfortable posting a pic): He looks just like my other two. Some moments I swear he looks like my oldest, other times I think he's my youngest's twin. He's as bald as they were, with their point chins and little noses.

    DD- 11/17/08, DD- 11/16/09, DS- 3/20/13 
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  • Name: Rumplestlitzkin  ;)DOB: March 6Age: I month, 2 weeks, 6 days  (or 7 weeks, 2 days)Positive Traits: Is happy, talkative, curious!Negative Traits: Fights sleep :(Favorite Baby Items: Moby wrap, Boppy, bouncy seat (great for taking him in the bathroom so I can shower!)
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  • Name: Giuliana


    Age: 5 weeks

    Positive: Is always happy and smiles alot.  Loves her play mate and walks

    Negative: like to be held to sleep( not a bad thing just makes for long nights); lazy eater so I have to pump all the time instead of just breastfeed

    Favorite baby items: moby wrap and stroller

  • Name: Isabella Lynn, (Bella)

    DOB: March 29

    Age: 4 weeks today :)

    Positive: Sleeps great at night, has had no problem with bfing and is gaining weight like a champ, very alert during the day, very happy baby!

    Negative: Will not sleep at night unless in bed with me :/ Bad habit i shouldn't have started!

    Best baby gear: Graco carrier- in love! she can be snuggled up to me while I clean and do stuff around house. Boppy. Soothies are a life saver!

    Then: One day old

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    Now: 4 weeks old

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  • Name: Dawson

    DOB: March 1

    Age: 8 weeks today

    Positive traits: happy baby, travels well, loves to sleep on daddy's chest, starting to smile which melts mommy's heart!  Our little miracle...4th IVF!

    Negative traits: Not really any.  He has little crying spells but all babies do!

    Favorite baby items: RnP, Aden and Anais blankies, Wubbanub binkies, Sassy Crib mirror, Bright Starts Play Mat

    Pictures - I'll have to figure out how to do this!


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  • Name: Hannah Grace

    DOB: March 15, 2013

    Age: 6 weeks today

    Positive traits:  Hannah knows what she wants and how she wants it(not sure if that is bad or good) She smiles all the time and is very alert. She breastfeeds like a champ too :) Oh, and she absolutely loves to take a bath.

    Negative traits: Hannah fights her sleep like crazy! See above, she strong willed already( I'm not too surprised, DD1 and myself are the same way) 

    Favorite baby items: Her swing, boppy, my boobs lol and the wall decorations above her changing table

    Pictures (or describe baby's looks if you don't feel comfortable posting a pic): Can't quite figure that one out, sorry.

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  • Name: Emmalyn

    DOB: March 18

    Age: 5 weeks 5 days

    Positive Traits: She is smiling almost the entire time she's awake. I love it. I just have to talk to her or make a funny face and she gives me the biggest gummy grin!

    Negative Traits: Her witching hours have been 11:30pm to 2:30am. Mommy is tired! We seemed to have figured out how to calm her but its not fun. She likes to lay on our legs and be rocked. My legs are sore!!!

    Favorite Baby Items: RnP and Boppy. Seriously feel like the swing was a waste of money. But who knows maybe she'll like it in a month.

    I'm bumping from my mobile so no pics, but if you're on the full site I have pics in my siggy from when she was 4 days old.
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  • Name: Ryan James

    DOB: March 18

    Age: Will be 6 weeks on Monday

    Positive traits: He makes the cutest faces ever

    Negative traits: He has reflux and gas issues and refuses to sleep anywhere but my arms during the day.

    Favorite baby item: Boppy and his car seat/carrier... He sleeps like a champ in it which enables me to shower every day

    It's 4am and I don't have the mental ability to go through the process of downloading pictures.
  • Name: Riley Noelle

    DOB: March 11

    Age: 6w5d

    Positive traits: Riley is such a funny baby! She make sthe best faces...i caught her today laughing her little head off at her mobile! She's a cuddler and a great night sleeper-she also loves to just sit there and stare at whoever is holding her, making faces at them.  Also, this may be negative but I think it's funny, she's such an intense little baby. She get so mad when you take that bottle away to burp her..she makes this really mad face and YELLS at you.  She yells at me all the time! My little dictator

    Negative traits: She has some silent reflux issues and chokes on her bottle, which scares me. We're on zantac right now because I worry about the acid hurting her throat. Not the best napper unless she's in her sling or in our arms-but it's ok because I love baby wearing her.

    Favorite baby items: Sashawrap, swing, our mobile, our black and white cards to look at, Swaddle Me and receiving wrap swaddle, Dr Browns bottles, gas drops!

    BabyFetus Ticker Little Riley-our first little girl coming March 1st, 2013 (or sometime around there;)
  • Name: Peyton Taylor


    DOB: March 12


    Best Traits: Mastered breastfeeding at 5 minutes old. Super patient with her dog siblings.  LOVES bath time. Now smiles purposefully. 


    Negative Traits:  Won't sleep unless it is in bed with us. Cries after eating until she is able to poop. 


    Favorite Baby Gear: Ergo. Swing. Nap Nanny.



  • Name: Piper Julianne

    DOB: March 25th (5 weeks on Monday)

    Positive Traits: Super easy baby

    Negative Traits: Loves to poop in a diaper within 30 seconds of me completing a diaper change ;)

    Favorite Baby Items: RnP

    A gassy smile:


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  • Name: Kieran DeWitt

    DOB: March 19th

    Age: almost 6 weeks!

    Positive traits: Kieran (Special K) is an awesome baby. He's pretty chill, takes good naps in lots of different places (rock n play, swing, carseat, Ergo), doesn't cry unless he's tired or hungry, takes a paci, sleeps in semi-descent stretches at night, is SUPER cute :), doesn't spit up, doesn't seem to have any intolerance to what mama eats, is an easy breast feeder

    Negative traits: Really nothing! I wish he was sleeping longer at night, but hellos he's not even 2 months old...I'll deal!

    Favorite baby items: Sleep sheep, swaddles, rock n play, Ergo, pacifier

    Pictures (or describe baby's looks if you don't feel comfortable posting a pic):


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    My little man at 0-1-2
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    Follow Me on Pinterest Pin me baby!
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  • Name: Titus Alexander

    DOB: March 7th

    Age: 7 weeks

    Positive traits: Happy baby, he's almost always smiley! He sleeps really well and will go back to sleep really quickly when he wakes up to eat at night! Does great with tummy time!

    Negative traits: Eats his bottle so fast that he ends up choking himself even with a slow flow nipple! He hates being in his carseat unless the car is actually moving and will cry even at stoplights! Likes to pee on his 5 year old sister if she is in the room while his diaper is being changed, it's happened several times and he's never done it on anyone else!!

    Favorite baby items: Infant carrier/sling, sound machine, swing, snuggamonkey bouncer, Boppy and his stroller chimes!


  • Name: Silas Lorne

    DOB: March 23

    Age: 5 weeks today!

    Positive traits: Silas is such a happy boy and is pretty chill. He's been giving us social smiles for the last week and a bit and we LOVE it! He loves cuddles and is already quite social. He is content to be in anyone's arms. Oh, and he has the BEST facial expressions!

    Negative traits: He cries bloody murder when he is hungry which we feel so bad about (he doesn't always display other hunger cues) because it takes us a few minutes to either make up a bottle of formula or warm one up that is premixed (this makes me dislike formula...wish I could just whip out a boob at times like these). Also, while he has started to sleep longer stretches (close to 4 hours), it's in the early evening. I'm a night owl so I haven't gotten into the habit of sleeping when he does. It would be nice if we could push those long stretches of sleep later on into the night or into the early morning. Once he's up at 5am or 6am, he doesn't want to go back down. :S

    Favorite baby items: swing, SwaddleMe swaddles, Soothie pacifiers, car seat & stroller

    Pictures (or describe baby's looks if you don't feel comfortable posting a pic): see signature!

    Happily married to my Snorkelbutt - 07/31/10

    BFP #1 09/02/11  M/C 09/12/11 8w6days
    BFP #2 07/18/12 Baby S born on his EDD 03/23/13

    SS - age 12...SD - age 8...DS - 13 mos.
  • Name: Oliver Rhys

    DOB: March 9

    Age: 1 month, 18 days

    Positive traits: Adorable. Honestly, he is the perfect baby. He's alert and focusing, smiles and coos socially with me.

    Negative traits: there are none!

    Favorite baby items: mobiles. mobiles on everything. and mirrors, he loves them.
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    Our Rescue Kitties & My Reason to Smile

  • Name: Rowan Alice DOB: March 29thAge: 4 weeks, 1 dayPositive traits: Rowan is such an awesome baby!  She is generally very happy and the few times she fusses or cries, it's usually easy to get to the bottom of the reason and soothe her.  She was born at 10lbs, 7oz, and I've heard being bigger and eating more means they sleep longer, which we have found with her.  She is very alert and already has a great bond with my husband.Negative traits: It's not really a negative, per se, but Rowie has a tendency to overeat while nursing.  Shortly aft finishing, she usually vomits a good deal up and then roots and cries to nurse again.  She also is incredibly strong and Houdini's  out of any swaddle.  She loves to hold her arms aloft, then gets tired and lets them fall to her face, waking her up and confusing her.Favorite baby items: Aden and Anais muslin swaddlers, RnP, Halo Snuza, California Baby calming wash and lotion, moby wrap.Pictures (or describe baby's looks if you don't feel comfortable posting a pic):  Rowie is pretty long, so she carries her weigh well (hahaha).  She was born with sooooo much hair (and about 2 inches of it).  I love to ruffle it into bed head, and smell it.  I would post pics, but don't know how.  I'll get on it!!
  • Name: Cole


    DOB: April 1

    Age: 1 month on Wednesday

    Positive traits: Cute. Likes to make faces. Likes long walks on the beach oops I mean neighborhood. Makes cute gremlin noises.

    Negative traits: Likes to cry at bedtime. Is already eating 4 oz at feedings making moomy worried she won't be able to keep up her Milk stash.

    Favorite baby items: tommy tippee bottles, medela freestyle, glider, bouncy ball, bathrobe for his nightly soothing baths (just water, soap only 2x/week) Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  • Geez that is humongosized. SOrry but I can't fix it right now I apologize for my incompetence! Baby needs boob.
  • Name: Bennett Kelly

    DOB: 3/30

    Age - 1 month tomorrow

    Positives: A lot of things, he is so amazing. Ben BF's great, has been gaining weight like a champ. I truly believed he laughed yesterday (sure he was sleeping but it was cute big smile and a hearty belly laugh). He sleeps decent at night (up every 3 hours don't get me wrong) but goes back down pretty easily. Bennett is alert, loves looking at our faces, has a wonderful temperament and is too cute. 

    Negatives: GAS! oh my word, the poor guy's stomach. you move his legs and he farts :( Up screaming in the middle of the night 4/5 nights last week, up for HOURS. I invested in colic calm and it is awesome (beware it makes their poop a little black). He doesn't burp well (hence the gas). Wakes from naps due to wet diaper, I know he needs sleep. 

     Favs: sleep sheep, bouncer (he sleeps in it), music, Avent pacifier, and carseat


    Description: not sure how to post pics.....he is super long (22 in) and doesnt love being swaddled his legs are always extended. He has loads of light colored hair, blue eyes, and little crease by his eyes that are too cute.  

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