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U/S pics ?

So after studying the ultrasound pictures i am freakinf out because i only see her one arm. Her but is up in the air and head down on the side view one and i cant see her arms! But on another she is face up and i can see a hand in her mouth. Would the tech have said something if they saw a problem? The only thing she didt get was the top of her head bc she was so active in there. Help!! Stressing!!

Re: U/S pics ?

  • I only see 1 floating hand in my photo, an can barely see the legs.. This is my 12 week photo.. And for my A/S I was able to see she had 2 arms 2 hands some fingers and 2 legs so I wouldn't sweat it, I didn't get photos for this one but am going back toda
  • I wouldn't worry about it unless someone says something. After our last one I was spazzing because I couldn't see his nose, but I realized its just how he was positioned. If she was moving a lot that could be why too, try not to worry unless you know ther
  • They would have said something to you if your baby was missing an arm.  The u/s pics can be hard to decipher for someone who doesn't know what they are looking for.  Calm down.

    ETA: This was under the assumption that you met with your d

  • The tech would not be allowed to make such a judgement call on the anatomy of the baby. My sister found out her first daughter had a terminal issue but found out the next day when the doctor called. It was blatently obvious from the scans, the tech wasnt
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  • image kestock120:
    They would have said something to you if your baby was missing an arm.  The u/s pics can be hard to decipher
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  • They can't get a full shot. It's fine
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  • They would be on you quickly if there was something like that going on. (At least my office would, I can't speak for yours)


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  • US works in a unique way that the angle of the wand and depth of the sound waves determine the image.  So the US tech can have the US wand looking over the head.  At one depth you will see the skull bones, at another the brain (no more skull bon
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  • The ultrasound beam goes through the baby if you will so that you are looking at only half of the baby at one time. Imagine slicing an apple in two...then taking one half and turning it sothat you can see the inside of that half. That is the same idea of
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  • I can never make out what the heck I am looking at on a u/s. They would tell you if they thought something was wrong though.


    EDIT: My OB is the one who does all of my u/s so anything he has ever worried about he said to me up front.



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