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XP- purple or green nursery?

XP on the nursery board, but i have to make a decision by morning and figure i may get quicker responses from you guys up with your LO or pg insomnia tonight :)

I was team green turned pink!  Our house is in the final stages of renovation and my fil is here this weekend and offered to paint the new nursery for us. I have given it zero thought, was just planning on keeping it the neutral tan the upstairs was being painted. But now that we know girl, I want to take him up on it, but means i have to buy the paint in the morning.  I've been looking at pictures and think ill get a cherry blossom branch/tree decal for one wall, but otherwise keep things pretty simple.

Would a muted dusty lavender color or soft sage green wall paint be better?  I don't want it to be too purple.  The carpet is a neutral light tan, lots of thick white trim work. Thoughts?  Or if you have a green or lilac nursery, share a pic!

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Re: XP- purple or green nursery?

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