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Little gift for older siblings?

I have been wanting to get each of the boys a little something when the baby is born. I kept putting it off though and now my c-section date is just a week from today. 

What kind of thing should I get? An activity that they can do while I'm in the hospital? Something sentimental? A toy? I don't want to make it all about the presents, but the baby will be getting a lot of attention in the hospital and I want the older boys to feel special too. 

I am really, really wishing I would have ordered matching brother shirts from Etsy. DS#1 would have loved that.  :-(




Re: Little gift for older siblings?

  • I haven't decided what I'm going to for my girls yet. They already have big sister shirts so I may just get them a new book or a coloring book.
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  • I wanted to do something sentimental for DD, but also something fun for her to play with - so she might think her little brother is kinda cool :) (We will tell her the presents are from the baby)

     I ordered her a necklace with a charm of her


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  • When my second son was born I gave my oldest a couple new books. He was also given a few small toys from the grandparents.
  • DD has been obsessed with the baby's car seat since we pulled it out so we got her one for her doll, and a hopscotch mat that I had stashed away and never gave her.  She was asking a few months ago if she could get her ears pierced but I told her not

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  • I'm mobile bumping so I can't see your sig and know how old your current LO is.

    For my DD, who is 4, I bought her a big sis shirt and a baby ergo carrier. I thought about something sentimental but I really wanted to pick something that she'd
  • Owen came to the hospital today with a big bro shirt and I bought him a stuffed animal to give the was really cute.  Ds1 is 19 months so not quite as old.
  • I got my 2 year old a toy truck. Not particularly sentimental or cute, but I know it's something he will be excited about and want to play with. My main goal is to try and deflect or curb any jealousy issues.
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  • We got DS, 20 months, a new toy truck. He's only a little interested in ds2 but he loves the truck and it was a great distraction when he came to visit in the hospital.
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  • Thanks! I am thinking I might get DS#2 (2YO) a toy of some kind and get DS#1 (6YO) a special journal. Or if I'm feeling energetic I might try to DIY some shirts for them!


  • I got my 2.5 yo a couple books, an erasable travel coloring book and a movie. Thought they were all hospital friendly!!
  • When my son was born, we got my daughter one of those kid digital cameras.  I figured this way, when everyone was focusing on baby and taking pictures of him, she could too.  She had just turned 3.  Not sure what we are going to do this tim
  • The camera idea is so adorable. What a cool idea. Plus it would be a cool keepsake to print some of the pics and frame them. It would be neat to see the baby and what they found important to photograph. Also allows an awesome way to bond with the new litt
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