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Have you ever left your LO with a stranger in public?

Mobiles: Have you ever left your LO with a stranger in public? Like when you're using the restroom or going into a changing room? 

We went to the farm yesterday, in the middle of nowhere. We were with my sister's homeschool group and we met and hung out with a mom of 5 throughout the day. When we were leaving we happened to be leaving at the same time as another mother and her 2 kids that we had saw/spoke to throughout the day (she was not with the HS group). She had the newborn baby in a wagon in the infant carrier and was fixing to take it out of the wagon to squeeze into the little bathroom there at the farm. I was currently outside the bathroom with Hadley in her stroller, the mom of 5's baby in the stroller and my niece, no other adults around. I said "Why don't you just leave her out here, I'll keep my eye on her, I'm watching the other babies while the moms take the older ones to the bathroom" and she looked at me like I had lost my marbles. Then before I thought I looked at all the strollers/wagon and said "Oh, don't worry, I can't steal them all!" and laughed.... (not sure why I said that, just did before I thought) and she left the baby with me! :o) When she came out of the bathroom and saw that me & her baby were still there she had this look of relief...  cracked me up. It would have been totally different if we were at a busy mall or something, but at a farm in the middle of nowhere just seemed safe enough to offer.

To answer my own question: I have once at Sparkys (a huge "beach" junk store just outside of Myrtle Beach, if you've been to the area you probably know it, lol) while using the restroom. Hadley was just a tiny thing and I was carrying her into the stall with me as an elderly woman came out of the stall. She said "Let me have that baby so you can pee" and I hesitated for a second and handed her over.... she was right there when I came out. 



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Re: Have you ever left your LO with a stranger in public?

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