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to Alpha Phi Haters

You've missed me right? Can't we all just get along? LOL! I enjoy this board very much, especially the GIFs. Hilarious! You girls are great! Always entertaining =) And our babies are the cutest! No more drama! Sorry if I created it in the past. Didn't mean to. Forgive me? 

Anyways I've been around; just really busy at work lately. Can't wait until summer vacation (I'm a teacher) so that I can spend everyday with DD.

My goals for the summer: 1) take my DD to baby swim classes, 2) finally stop pumping, 3) make my own baby food with Baby Bullet, 4) exercise more, 5) start TTC (God willing), 6) buy a bigger car to fit a regular car seat (sad to give up my Mini Cooper), and 7) try an over-night mini vacation with DH & DD.

Do you have any goals? Have a great day ladies!

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