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~ Weekly High Risk Check In~

Good afternoon, ladies! If I do not have you on the list, or the information listed is wrong or too vague, please let me know. If there is anything you would like to see changed or added with the check-in please give suggestions!What are you most concerned about as a high-risk mom this week? What are you most proud of as a high-risk mom this week?Any other questions/concerns/vents/celebrations?  Responses to last check in:A general announcement, please feel free to check in as long as you want. We won't kick anyone out for no longer being high risk, or having their baby/babies!Sorry I am so late posting. I have out of town visitors here. Big congrats to the ladies who have had their babies, good luck to the ladies who will have their babies this week, and I hope everything is going well for everyone else! Even when I am negligent posting I do read each and every response and am thinking about and praying for you ladies.High Risk list AcutieRN- History of atrial fib and blood clot risk
  agnowamrs- anti kell antibodies and a kell positive husband (chance for intrauterine blood transfusions/early delivery)BeesMomma00- Short cervix and possible placenta accreta BossMamma83- type 2 Diabetic and two prior C-Sections Bostonmomof2+- Sjogren's disease, rhuematoid arthritis, baby heart block risk, and 2 prior C-Sections (all related), this baby has an echogenic bowel and a hole and leak in heart2010Bride2be- Weight and fluctuating bpBreanna113- Epilepsy, low progesterone, SCH, history of PTL, pre-e and placental abrubtionCaden1206- Unexplained PTL in previous pregnancy, cerclage
 D&S724- Marginal placenta previaeroplane- 2 SCHs, history of PTL and cervical incompetency (baby born!)Jteneback- Previous PTL, GD with current pregnancy (baby born!)heatherallison9310- enlarged spleen, liver disease, Esophageal Varices, portal hypertension, low platelet count, history of high BP KateRN08- Marginal placental abruption, blood clot over cervix, renal colic, hydronephrosis, on bed rest kmcd23- Type 1 diabetes, hypothyroidism and SCHlaurncui812.0- Type 1 diabetes LMK613- Severe hyperemesis mandy_marie- previous DVTmegsll- GD and SCHmiraclemarie- Seizure disorder and baby with echogenic bowel MitoRachel- Mitochondrial dysfunction, dysautonomia and autoimmune adrenal disease (all pre-pregnancy)MommaMay06- pre-e with previous pregnancy and lupusmommy0411- PTL and strict bed rest (baby born!)MrsJ723- congenital heart defect and repeat C-Section (had her baby!)MrsM623- congential heart defectMrsRed09- Fluctuating bp  and asthma (mostly the medication?)nola78-  Unexplained PTL in previous pregnancy, SCH, PTL, emergency cerclage, full bed rest, mom (peripartum cardiomyopathy) and baby (isolated right aortic arch with a vascular ring) heart issues with this pregnancynykkybaby- factor II gene mutation (clotting disorder), Sjogren's diseasePetraStonegirl- age, variable BP, on Lovenox for FVL, high risk of uterine rupture in laborpinstripechik- fibroids and history of m/cs quiggles219- placenta previa RachelandEduardo- Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome (clotting disorder)Rachel Goldstein- Carrying triplets (loss of babyA) (Had her boys!)riorisa- IgA Nephropathy (kidney disease that also causes high BP), clotting disorder, weight, and AMA starry0531- hypothyroidism, Arnold Chiari Malformation, and history of GDThankful0124- PTL, unexplained heart and oxygen levels in mother wanttobeamom- bicornuate ute, history of PTL watermelonmom- history of pre-e, high BP with this pregnancy (baby born!)  Sorry the formatting is still kind of weird.
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Re: ~ Weekly High Risk Check In~

  • Hi there! I'm actually new here but I wanted to post. I hope that is ok! I've known I'm high risk my entire pregnancy and really even before I got pregnant, but my due date is July 7 but my doctors are playing the better safe than sorry card (which I f

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  • I had my baby on the 16th at 35 weeks. I guess I just like to have them early... Labor was very similar to my daughter's; my water broke and then everything happened quickly. Simon was born after 3 and a half hours of labor. He was 6 lbs 7 oz and only
    Our cycle 12 sweepea was born at 34w 3d!
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  • Wow, welcome Heather and congrats JT.

    Concerns:  My AFI is still high at 27.  I am concerned about all issues potentially associated with that.  My cerclage isn't coming out until around 38 weeks, I think, and I worried I will have

  • Concerns this week:

    All the drama on the board will make me go into labor early. KIDDING!

    Seriously though, my only high risk concern is that my sugar is (very predictably) getting a little harder to control as I head into the last 4 weeks.

  • I had my beautiful baby boy yesterday at 38 weeks 6 days!! And we found out today that his dilated kidney will not need surgery to correct! It is supposed to correct it self! Yay!
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  • heather- Welcome! If I had gotten pregnant at 22 instead of 23 my number of reasons for being high risk would have looked a lot more like yours. I remember people asking what my health issues were and having a hard time remembering them all. I am so gl

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  • image mommy0411:
    I had my beautiful baby boy yesterday at 38 weeks 6 days!! And we found out today that his dilated kidney will not
  • Just wanted to say I had my baby today via repeat c section! I plan to post a birth story and picture in the next day or so. Good luck to all the other high risk mamas and a big congrats to JT and mommy0411!
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  • I've missed a few check-ins due to the obvious busy-ness of twins but I just wanted to say we are doing great! Already starting to gain a little neck strength and are now turning their heads to track what they are watching instead of just moving their

    TTC since 3/4/2010
    Me: PCOS, DH: normal
    Started seeing RE 11/10/2011
    8/31/2012 = BFP!!
    First Ultrasound... TRIPLETS! EDD 5/11/13
    Baby w/ no HB @ 10w4d - We love you angel baby.
    Baby A & B doing great. A/S 12/10/12 - Healthy BOYS!
    Sawyer & Silas born at 33+6 on 3/29/13
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