One & Done: Only child

Intro :)

Hi ladies, I'm a new mom to a beautiful baby girl who I love more than anything in this world. She is 5 months old and growing SO fast, my how fast the time flies!

My husband and I both always though we would have 2 children as we are both part of 2 child families, but now that our little girl is here we feel totally complete with just her and when we picture I life we just picture our perfect little family of 3. On top of that we want to be able to travel with her and show her the world and why we love to travel so much, and financially that will be much easier with just the three of us!

I cant wait to get to know you ladies and share our journeys of being one and done! I am so glad this board is here and all of you ladies seem amazing and all of your little ones are so adorable!

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