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Are Walmart maternity clothes good?

Not buying yet...but yeah the pants are getting snug Smile So since I haven't bought maternity clothes in at least a decade, I was wondering if anyone has bought Walmart stuff?


 My local Walmart does not carry maternity so I was checking out the site and they seem to have great prices. I would probably be looking mostly at capris/shorts and tshirt, summery things. Not for work since I wear a uniform-I'll have to have a chat with the uniform salesman about that!

eta-I did check out motherhood maternity's site too but it was a tad hipsterish for me...nothing wrong with that, but I'm a bit old for it!

Re: Are Walmart maternity clothes good?

  • I had one thing from there 7 years ago and it was a piece of junk.  Now they may have improved their quality but...

    Have you thought about just getting a few cute maxi dresses?  I've bought a few because they are SO much more comfortable than pants and plan on living in them during the summer.  You can get them non maternity at TJ Maxx and Ross for pretty cheap. 

  • I looked there, but everything at my local store had like "Baby" spelled out in rhinestones, and no pants at all. I had better luck at Old Navy, Target and local thrift/consignment stores.
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  • My local Wally doesn't carry maternity. Check your consignment stores (if you don't mind wearing used) and target (for new stuff).

    If you like trendier items, check H&M, they are cheap but cute, the quality of the items I got were pretty good, too.

  • I JUST received an online order from yesterday. I ordered a pair of capri pants and a few tops, just to start out. (Like you, my pants were starting to get uncomfortable and my shirts didn't seem long enough.) I don't see any problem with my purchases whatsoever. They fit well and best of all - they were affordable! My local Walmart (Southern Indiana) said they no longer carry maternity clothes in stores, only online. But for half the price of department stores, and since I'm only wearing them one season, they were definitely worth buying!

  • I don't shop at Walmart, so I can't speak to their quality, but my view of Walmart quality is not favourable to them.

    I will say that Old Navy has been very nice to me. Their pants have held up better than the ones I've bought from Kohls and are less expensive than the ones I bought at Motherhood Maternity. Target's clothes tend to be on the cheap side and the sizes are way off for me.

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  • I ordered shorts from a couple months ago (hoping I would be wearing them by now). I really do like the way they fit and the way they feel. I also shop at Burlington Coat Factory and consignment stores for maternity clothes (I have also bought some at our local thrift store). I would recommend trying on some maternity clothes somewhere to get an idea on what size you would wear. Also, as you get bigger you may find your clothes you bought in the early months may begin to get too small in the later months. I have 5 pairs of pants and now I am down to 2 pair I can wear.

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  •  Thank  you guys! I got some good ideas from this-I saw an Old Navy in the city I work in has maternity (the one at the mall I go to does not) so I could try some stuff on there. I think with Walmart I could return anything that didn't fit-so I will likely order a few things from there. H&M is actually in the mall across the street from the old navy I mentioned, I never thought to look there!


     I'll be going through three seasons with this pregnancy-I can get through spring with stuff I have like elastic waist pants, but I have summer, fall and the beginning of cold weather, due dec 3. I will just get some summer stuff to begin with!

  • I bought some pants from Motherhood Maternity and tops/dresses/tank tops from The Gap.  Pretty happy with the purchases, and they were reasonably priced.  Maybe check them out.
  • :::Lurking, but I was pg over 35 x 2!:::  I see you're only 8 weeks, is this your first?  If so, I'd say that starting with just a few things that fit NOW is a good idea, b/c most likely you're just dealing with the "bloat" of early pregnancy.  I know with my 1st, I didn't have a discernible BUMP until at least 24 weeks (I was due 12/21) so I didn't even stop wearing my regular pants/capris/shorts until almost fall.  I used a belly band to hold them up (seriously, you need one of these, I got mine from Target), keeping them unbuttoned and wearing longer and/or maternity shirts to cover the belly band.  So that's an option too.  Ditto PP on the skirts & maxi dresses for summer (my 2nd was due 9/10 and came 8/31, and of COURSE it was the hottest summer on record here!!!  I LIVED in those things!!!)  And super YES to Old Navy maternity....about 90% of my mat clothes were from there.  Check online b/c most stores selections are skimpy, sign up for emails and they often have 20-30% off specials, free shipping, etc.  And you can return in store if stuff doesn't fit.  READ THE REVIEWS to see what others have found about look, fit, etc.  HTH!!!

    ETA:  I totally skipped answering your original question!  LOL  I got a couple of things from Walmart, and thought they were fine for the price I paid for them.  Again, it was during my last pregnancy, so I knew they didn't have to "last" per se.  If you're on a budget, it's a good choice.  Oh, and also check out JC Penney if you have one near you.  Smile


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  • I haven't tried Walmart's maternity clothing. I have Ann Taylor, Gap, Old Navy, Motherhood, and even two tops from H and M. Tshirts for the weekend.

    My best luck, however, has come from Cheapest, best quality, AND free shipping.

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  • msalum96, this is my 6th baby lol, it's been SO long since I bought maternity clothes. I got most of what I had with kid #2, who is 16 (kids are ages 20-9)-I think the stores I got them at are out of business and online shopping didn't exist LOL.
  • Not sure about Walmart, but Old Navy has some very cute stuff right now and the prices are great!
  • Our local Wally World doesn't seem to carry maternity clothes.  At least they didn't two years ago when I was in the market for them.  I had the best of luck at Old Navy, Gap, JCP & Pea in the Pod.  Everything I bought from Kohl's was ill fitting which is NOT what you want when you are very pregnant.

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