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Stuffing pocket diapers with prefolds?

I ended up getting some 4.0's from the seconds sale and I know they dont come with inserts. I think I have read about people stuffing diapers with prefolds instead of inserts so I was just wondering about the absorbency of the prefolds stuffed in pockets? Also what size and brand would work the best?


I had been thinking about getting some infant size from green mountain diapers. Should I get infant or small for stuffing pockets?



Re: Stuffing pocket diapers with prefolds?

  • I would go with the smalls from GMD. They work from about 10 lbs, and we still use them (during the day) with our toddler. Newborn would only hold him for one (small) pee.
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  • I have infant size of Bummis and they work for my BG 4.0. I like the BG insert better though because its not as bulky as the prefold.
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  • I use the yellow edge in my BG 4.0 on the highest rise setting. They aren't quite large enough but would be good if she was on the lower rise.  They have better absorbancy than the BG MF.
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  • I use infant prefolds in my BG 4.0's. I had to double stuff my BG's with the MF inserts so i don't find that a prefold is any more bulky. The bonus is that they are more absorbent, and I don't get compression leaks.

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  • We stuff our BG pickets with size small Imagine prefolds - they are more absorbent than the mf insets, though fairly bulky. It's our go-to first dipe of the day though, since DD pees like a racehorse in the mornings.
  • Thanks everyone for the responses! 
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