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Mother of the year right here

We have painters at our house this week so we're staying at the IL's for three nights.  That means DS sleeping on a toddler-size air mattress in the same room as DH and I.  He usually does ok as long as he's asleep before us but if he realizes we're there he does not sleep well in the same room with us.

So when he was whiny and antsy last night I chalked it up to not sleeping in his own bed/room.  We soothed him a little and told him to go back to sleep.  I thought it was weird when he said his "thighs hurt" once (which is kind of adorable because it's one of the few words he mispronounces..."my threes hurt").  But again, he settled down after a few minutes and I let it go.

That was at like 4 a.m.  He wakes up at 7 and when I get him up he is SOAKING wet in his own pee.  He never wets through, ever, and the top blanket stayed dry so we had no idea. It was so gross and I felt horrible that he'd probably been sleeping like that ever since he told me his "thighs hurt".

I suck :(.

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