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How do I explain it? Got a little long.

First I want to say, I am not sure if this needs some sort of warning or not. I am about to talk about my uber-fertile SIL and some things my brother says to me about it.

About three or four months ago my brother mentioned that SIL was thinking about donating eggs. She would get paid a butt load of money for it and all that jazz. He knows what I am going through, I think. At the time it stung, but I brushed it off and moved on.

Last weekend I needed to get away from home and just relax, so I drove over to visit my brother and sister and to squish my sweet niece. Well, the fact that SIL went in for testing to see if she was a candidate for egg donation came we were talking a little about my IF. He started bragging about how the docs were so amazed by her follicles and how she is going to be able to donate up to six times in her life because she is just that fertile. I felt like I was being kicked in the gut. I didn't know what to say or how to react so I just sat there in shock. We had just talked about where I am in the diagnosis process and then he thinks it's appropriate to mention how amazingly fertile SIL is. Then he said that if I wanted a baby that looked like his beautiful daughter SIL would just give me an egg. Because we know that my eggs are the problem? I just sat there. 

Since I got home I have just been dwelling on this. I feel like it was so incredibly insensitive to bring up to me at all, but especially during the conversation of my lack of fertility. I want to say something, but I don't know what or how to say it. I am not mad that she is fertile and I don't want it to come across that way. I just want him to understand what is and isn't appropriate to talk to me about. What would you say? Would  you bring it up now or wait until the next time he says something? 

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Re: How do I explain it? Got a little long.

  • If it will bother you if it comes up again, I would mention it.  You could bring it up in a non-confrontational way... hey brother, I wanted to talk about something.  When I visited last weekend and you were talking about SIL being a donor, I kn

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    If it will bother you if it comes up again, I would mention it.  You could bring it up in a non-confrontational w
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  • PP has a great suggestion on how to approach it with your brother.  I'm sorry that your brother was horribly insensitive and that you had to go through that.  
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  • I'm sorry your brother was so insensitive.  The PP gave a great suggestion that I need to remember so I can use it too.  

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  • I'm not sure how I would handle that either, but I'm so sorry you had to sit through that!!! Why on earth would two people think that that would be OK to discuss with you at all, let alone right after discussing your IF.

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    If it will bother you if it comes up again, I would mention it. nbsp;You could bring it up in a nonconfrontational way... h
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  • oh girl...I totally understand. I'm so sorry :( Wish I had words of advice, but just want to offer HUGS!

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  • Sometimes I do not think that people in our intermediate families truly understand what could hurt when they speak of certain things. I am truly sorry that you had to sit through that. I probably would have started to cry and then walked out of the house.
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