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12 month old, how many hours of sleep total?

For mobile: 12 month old how many hours of sleep total?


How many hours of sleep does your LO get total broken down into overnight sleep and nap(s)?

DD has been sleeping roughly 9-10 hours at night and then takes a quick morning nap for 30 mins or so (has been dropping this one some mornings), but my question comes into play for her afternoon nap.  I put her down, and at the 2.5 hour mark, I usually go wake her.  I am not sure how long she would go if I just let her go.  I think the 3 days she is at daycare she sleeps less, so it might be different at home.

She is fully alert and super active in between, so I am not super concerned about some major issue, but as a highly anxious person, that is on my mind.  The Ferber book scared me haha. Those darn charts making it seem like every child is the same!

Is it "normal" for a child to get decent overnight sleep and then take such a long nap in the afternoon?  Is that even considered long?


Re: 12 month old, how many hours of sleep total?

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