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baby shower / MIL annoyance

My MIL is very generous and thoughtful to throw me a baby shower, however I can't help but feel a little annoyed tonight. 

We talked on sunday and she asked me to send her a final head count this week so she can order invitations. I just got a very short & snippy text from her tonight saying "what is your final headcount. we really need to order the invitations by saturday." I was so annoyed! It's like giving an RSVP date for a wedding and then hounding people who haven't RSVP'd when they still have a few days left.

I know it's a small and stupid thing, but she's just irritating me. I swear, this is why a part of me doesn't even want a shower - I suddenly feel like my MIL becomes my boss and I have to report in to her! Last night she basically forced us into choosing where we are going to register so that she can put registry info on the invitation, which I don't even want. I'd rather people ask her. And I'd rather take more time to think about it.

Sigh. Sorry for the vent. Anyone else's MIL hosting their shower and annoying them in the process? 

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