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New here! Eval today

Hi everyone! DS is 22 months, and we had an early intervention evaluation for him today for speech regression and my concerns about him showing signs of autism. He only signs 'more', but it is a universal sign for yes, more, or I want something (I have to remind him every day "what do we say? in order to get the sign. Usually multiple times a day), and he also shakes his head no. He is completely unreceptive to learning new signs, and doesn't imitate sounds. He had 6-7 words by 17 months, and slowly lost all of them. 

 We had a rough night last night, since he hasn't napped the last four days and he fell asleep in his high chair (totally weird, because I always have to lay down with him) at 5:45, and he was up from 3-5AM, then back to sleep till 8 and our appointment was at 9. I thought we were really in trouble, but he actually behaved really well. Better then usual actually. Maybe a little too good... The developmental specialist said she thinks he has a sensory processing disorder, and she's not at all concerned about autism because he was "not off in his own world", and showing me affection. I didn't argue, but clinging to me out of fear, to me, is not affection. He did climb up and stand on my lap and wrap his arms around my neck, which I'm sure looked like a hug, but he actually just wanted to leave and was trying to pull me up. Right after that he went behind me and starting pushing me.  She said pretty much right off the bat that he qualifies for expressive and receptive language, and she is not sure whether an OT or ST would be the best fit, but I am going to push for both. 

 It's been a long road. Of course I'm kicking myself now.. Did I really let 5 months go by since he said his last word? I can't even believe its been that long. It just became so normal that he didn't talk, but it has really been wearing on me in the last month or so. I am exhausted, both mentally and emotionally. I miss my little boy that got excited with me, and giggled with me. I'm so sick of hearing "there's nothing wrong with him", and "kids grow at their own pace", and arguing with people about whether or not my kid is "normal". I hate that I'm the only one standing up and saying there's a problem, because I feel terrible as his mom saying that.  I just want to give my son the best possible life he can have, and get rid of this stress and frustration in our lives, that's not too much to ask, is it? 

Re: New here! Eval today

  • I'm so sorry you're going through this. Most of us have been there, and it's awful and terrifying to feel/know something is wrong and not have any answers. Most EI evaluators are not qualified to diagnosis something like an autism spectrum disorder. In
  • Trust your gut. Maybe you want to schedule an appointment with a developmental pedi. 

    Developmental specialists are not qualified to dx or R/O autism. Showing affection is not a R/O for autism, nor is a sense of humor fwiw.

    I'm confuse

  • Thank you both for your responses! It's great to connect with people who know what I'm feeling!

    as for the OT/ST debate, the developmental specialist thinks he has SPD. There were no therapists at the evaluation. Just us, the developmental specia

  • The behavior around the vacuum cleaner could just be quirky toddler behavior, but is does have a very ASD-like flavor to it. DS went through a vacuum phase before he was 3. He'd insist on visiting them at the mall, for some reason they were always near

  • image -auntie-:

    The behavior around the vacuum cleaner could just be quirky toddler behavior, but is does have a very ASD-like flavo

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