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Diaper size question

So, my "little" newborn is now up to 10 lbs per yesteday's weighing (he'll be 4 wks on Friday, was 8 lbs 4 oz at birth). 

The newborn diapers are verging on too small, but the size 1s just feel huge.  Anybody have any tips on this?  Or a particular brand you'd recommend that runs smaller?


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Re: Diaper size question

  • I use Pampers Swaddlers and DD is almost 9 lbs wearing size 1s. Per the sizing she could still be wearing newborns but they seemed tight on her legs so once we finished the pack we just moved up.
  • image Crequito:
    I use Pampers Swaddlers and DD is almost 9 lbs wearing size 1s. Per the sizing she could still be wearing newborns b
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  • If you are using Pampers I think 10 lbs is supposed to be max.  I know when we went from preemies to newborn diapers the newborns seemed huge at first but after using them for a couple poops, it was amazing what a difference it made as far as holding

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  • My LO is about the same age and size and we've been using size 1s for weeks. Mostly because we ran out of newborns and they were leaking. They seemed big at first, but he's growing into them. Just fasten it tight on tie straps and you'll be fine. We h
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    DS is probably around the 10 pound mark (I'll find out Monday at our appointment) and we've been using size 1 for a couple of weeks now, after the newborns ran out. They are still a little bigger in the middle but we just fasten them as tight as we can an

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  • Moved DS to 1s a week and a half ago (he's 9lbs 12oz as of yesterday and 9 weeks as of tomorrow), I used target brand NBs for a few days between NB and 1 pampers.  When I first put pampers 1s on they felt huge and we had a few leaks, but it all chang
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  • Baby girl weighs 10 2. She's 7 wks. We just started her in huggies 1 this week. We love them!!


  • We had the exact same issue so I tried all different brands and found that Luvs ran huge so a size 1 didn't fit just yet but the Luvs sucked anyways, because they leaked, Target brand were too big as well, Kirkland Costco brand 12 was as big as the Luvs
  • I meant to say Kirkland Costco brand 1 to 2, not 12. Sorry!
  • We used Pampers Swaddlers NB size until DS was about 10lbs. When the started leaking during every pee we knew it was time to go up a size! The size 1 look so huge but the fit. We just had to bring the tabs overlapping to make sure they were snug enough!
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  • My LO was 9lbs 14.8oz at birth and they started her in size 1 pampers right out of the gate, they were a smidge big but we just made sure the straps were tight yet comfortable.  At one month she is 10lbs 11oz, still in size one's and we use pampers a
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  • My guy was tall and skinny when he was newborn as well (9lb11oz at birth) and after a couple weeks of leaks every other day we switched from Pampers to Huggies Snugglers and they were great! They really fit his skinny legs and helped with the leaks, plus
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