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newborn not opening eyes very much

DD is 2.5 weeks old, born at 36 weeks gestation, so a bit early.  We found out she is lactose intolerant, so we had to switch her to a soy formula (exclusively FF) almost a week ago.  Prior to switching formulas, she had lost more than 15% of her birth weight.  She has still not reached her birth weight yet, but is getting close.

I give this information because I am wondering if she is just still too tired, not enough spare energy to keep her eyes open.  She has only really started opening her eyes at all in the past 3 days.  Prior to that, she would maybe peek her eyes open for a second or two while burping her.  Now, she will open them, not really wide though, for about 5 seconds at a time and will maybe do this after a feeding about 3-4 times per day.

 Has anyone else experienced this with their newborn?  I am just wondering why she isn't staying awake at all between feedings, or if its just a little early for her to be doing that yet. 

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Re: newborn not opening eyes very much

  • Lack of energy could be part of it.  Are you keeping your rooms dim or do you have a lot of light in the house?  Maybe try keeping her in low light, her eyes are still really sensitive at this point.  Otherwise you may want to call the pedi

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    Lack of energy could be part of it.  Are you keeping your rooms dim or do you have a lot of light in the house
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  • DD2 arrived at 38 weeks after months of pre-term labor and like your LO she dropped a ton of weight after birth. Like you I noticed that she was not opening her eyes (as much as I remember her siblings who arrived later but who also lost a ton of weight a
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  • My Twins Were Born At 35.6Wks. They Also Have Only Begun Spending Any time With Their Eyes Open In The Last 34 Days. I Thinks it's Just Their Particular Developement stage, As They Should Be 38.5Wks Gestation. I Have Heard That Preemies "Wake up" So To

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  • Babies are sooo sleepy in the beginning, especially preemies.  Keep in mind her 'adjusted' age for milestones and things will make more sense - she's doing SO much more work on the outside right now, so it's tiring!  I bet once she reaches her d
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  • My 35w0d baby did the same for many weeks.  She is now 7 weeks and still sleeps a ton.  She does have alert eyes wide open periods now but they took many weeks.  She used to (and still does) just peek one eye partially open, looks around


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