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Weight measurements vs. birth weight

Hey ladies! Just wondering for fun what kind of outcome everyone has had with their babies birth weight compared to ultrasound weight measurements. I had one today at 39 weeks 4 days and they said 8lb 3 oz on my baby boy! Not to worries just curious

Re: Weight measurements vs. birth weight

  • It really depends. I've heard of them being like 2 or 3 lbs either over or underestimated. They happened to be pretty dead on with my LO, but I feel like you never really know for sure until they're born!
  • I had an u/s on a Monday that showed 4lbs7oz.  They induced me because she was measuring small and on the following Sunday, she was 4lbs9oz.  Because of the growth restriction, it seems they were pretty accurate since she wouldn't have gained mu

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  • I didnt have a recent one but at 37wks they estimated her to be 6.5 and expected her to be born at 9 to 9.5. She was 7lbs 13oz.


  • I had an ultrasound at 35w1d. They were both est. to be 5lb 11oz. I delivered them at 35w6d and they were 5.10 and 5.13. Pretty spot on for me.
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  • When I was admitted for my induction they estimated her at 8.5 pounds via ultrasound. She was born two days later at 7 pounds 6 oz.
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  • The growth scan I had the friday before I was induced (which was the following monday) estimated LO was 7lb 7oz. She was born at 7lb 4oz. 
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  • I didn't have any ultrasounds during my pregnancy, but the day before I went into labor I had an appointment with my midwife and she estimated that the baby was just under 8lbs. My daughter was born the next day at 7lbs 14oz.
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  • I had one at 37 weeks and they told me shed be 7 and a half lbs when born...... She was born 4 days early and weighed in at 8lbs 5 ounces. Yeah - they were off! 

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  • I had an U/S at 32 weeks because they were concerned about her size. They estimated her at about 5 lbs at that point and she was 7 lbs 1.1 oz when she was born at 38 weeks and 5 days. Our U/S was definitely off.

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  • They told me at a 36 week u/s that LO would be close to 9lbs at 40 weeks she was born two days early at 7lbs 14 oz. =] thankfully!!
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  • Ultrasound at 38w3d- 5lb2oz

    born 2 days later at 6lbs7oz 

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  • My last growth scan, they told me 9lbs 4oz. DD was born two days later at 9lbs 5oz, so they were right on for me!
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  • I'm really anxious to see how this turns out for me too. At 38.5 weeks our growth u/s said 7lbs 14oz so with average growth she should a little over 8lbs 8oz by my due date on Sunday. We'll see when she comes out! I get so relieved when I see those who we
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  • I had two scans the week I turned 36 weeks. One showed 7lbs 2ozs the other 7lbs 13ozs. Ds was born at 39w3d and weighed 7lbs 14ozs. Pretty close for us. They kept telling me he would be over 9lbs just by fundal height the last 3 weeks. Instead it was load
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