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I am currently pumping and supplementing with formula because my supply is so small (technically I guess you could say I supplement with breast milk). I had a breast reduction about 4 years ago so that is the root of my problem. I am just wondering what are some ways of increasing my supply the most. I currently pump every 2 1/2 to 3 hours and am only getting like half an ounce each time total. =/ I really want my baby to get as much breast milk as possible
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Re: increasing supply

  • I would talk to a lactation consultant and ask if herbs would help your supply. I have low milk supply but no breast reductions, and I've been using a tea you order online called Breastea. I have seen a really large improvement in production from drinking
  • I'd see if you can pump a little more often.  I decided to EP when DS hit the two week mark (about a week and a half ago).  I started pumping every 2 hours religiously, day and night.  If I thought I'd be busy at that 2 hour mark, I'd pu

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