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Strawberry birthmark - STM

Our baby has a small strawberry birthmark on his forehead.  The pedi says it might raise and get bigger but will eventually go away.  Does anyone have any experiences with this?  How long til it went away?  It might be covered up by his hairline but right now he's actually losing some of his hair!  :)  TIA! 


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Re: Strawberry birthmark - STM

  • My son has two, one right on his shoulder and one smaller one of his side.

    It started growing really quickly [probably around 3ish weeks is when growth started]. The pedi said it could raise up and grow up to a year [i think she said about 2 to 3 inches is the biggest it could get] then it would eventually turn white and shrink in size. You would never know he had one.

    DS was 7 weeks yesterday and I haven't noticed it growing in the last couple of weeks. They are both raised and the one of his shoulder is probably about an inch and a half total in diameter, the one of his side is probably less than an inch.


  • Hi,

    My ten-year-old had a: 

    Strawberry Hemangioma - What to Expect

    So in her case, it started a few days after she was born as a tiny red pin-prick.  It grew over a couple months.  It ended up raised about 1/8" and about an inch by 3/4 of an inch.  It looked exactly like a pale pink strawberry.  

    Lots of people freaked out when they saw it (it was on the inside of her upper arm).  I couldn't get freaked out--she was totally healthy and it would go away eventually.  Sheesh, I had more stuff to worry about!

    She is now 10 and it is almost totally gone.  When I say that, I mean it is not detectable at all by those who don't know it existed.  Those in the family who know to look can see the very pale pink dots where it was.  

    If it is on your baby's face, I can imagine that would be distressing, but take consolation that it likely will fade to be all but invisible.  Our pediatrician at the time said not to do any kind of laser or removal efforts as that would create scarring that was likely not even needed!

    Anyway, just wanted you to hear a tale from the trenches. : ) Good luck! 

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  • My niece was born with one on her head.  Actually, 2 other people in my DH's family also had them when they are born.  My niece is now 19mo and it is completely gone.  The other 2 people also had them go away before they were in school.

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  • My son was born with one on the back of his neck. While it is still there and sizable I also was born with the same birthmark and it has since shrunk to a very small mark and my hair completely covers it. So I'm sure his will fade and shrink in time too.
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  • My DD1 had a tiny one on the bridge of her nose that went away by 8 mo didn't grow. She had another on her rib cage that grew grew puffed up a lot. It finally stopped growing around 8mo old was the size of a quarter approximately. It gradually faded flattened to just being a slightly odd mark on her skin by 6yrs old. It's stayed like that ever since.
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