Working Moms

Would you still work if....

You were independently wealthy?

(I wanted to make a clicky poll but apparently TB hates me today)

I know there are mom's like me that would quit work to SAH in a heartbeat if we could just make ends meet, but there are a lot of mama's that LOVE their careers, and I'm wondering if you guys would still work if money was not a factor.  Would you stay FT, go PT, maybe volunteer? Let's discuss!

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Re: Would you still work if....

  • EcyEcy
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    This is a tough one for me. I wouldn't work my exact same position as a FT high school teacher. However, I do love working with kids and would still want to work some. I think I would have been a SAH for the first 2 years and then would go back to work PT
  • If I was independently wealthy, I think I would go back to school and learn to do something I love. Then I would find a job that had a lot of flexibility so I could work when I wanted and have a good work-home balance.

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  • Ooohhhh. I would definitely work part-time but not doing my current job.  I would want to go back to what I did way back in college, teaching swim lessons. It was fun!

    I agree a good work-home balance would be nice.

  • jcathjcath
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    If $ were no object I would quit my job in a heartbeat, stay home but have the kids in morning preschool and try my hand at writing.

    That said even with both of us working - we are hardly making ends meet :( 


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  • Actually, being independently would allow me to keep my job!  I love what I do and I believe it's important, but the pay is so low (no raises for the past 5 years, none foreseen for at least the next 2) that I have to leave the minute I find somethin
  • I would not work.

    I would volunteer if I ever felt the need to do something.
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  • I would work, but I would probably do something different and I would probably aim for ~20 hours per week. I like what I do, but I wouldn't mind living somewhere else, so I would probably move away from here and thus do a different job, but maybe a simila

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  • I would. I am a lobbyist which is what I worked to be (poli/sci major) because i love working in government/politics and I represent my alma mater as their in-house lobbyist. So it's like getting paid for advocating for my own family. Plus it's full-ti

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  • image jcath:

    If $ were no object I would quit my job in a heartbeat, stay home but have the kids in morning preschool and try my

  • In a New York minute!  (I only wish...)

  • I would quit my job and and do more volunteer work, but not 40 hrs a week.  It would be awesome.
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  • Yes, I would still work, but would cut back and work part time.  Maybe 1/3 of my current client load. :)  Or maybe switch to an office manager position that's much less stressful/demanding.  Or maybe just volunteer at different places al

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  • I think my ideal situation would be SAH and be a fitness instructor/trainer...maybe even donate that instruction time to Women's shelters or something. I think I would definitely need something else...and if I was a fitness instructor/trainer (I actually
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  • I would work and let DH SAH. His job is kind of soul-crushing and he would love to stay home with DD.  My job is stressful but creative and interesting with lots of PTO. I would plan to retire early, around 50, and if it ever got too stressful it wou
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  • Not at my current job. I do have dreams of one day setting up a kick charity - I even know how I want to run/fund it, so I would do that. I would probably wait until the kids were in school to start though.

    While I say that staying at home is

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  • If I had tons of money and didn't have to work, I wouldn't be working the job I am now but I would find something that I loved doing and could work and still spend lots of time with the kids. I used to think I wanted to be a SAHM but since coming off o

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  • At this job, in this career, NOPE NOPE NOPE a million times over.  I would, though, want to find something that allowed me to use my skills and keep me interested--just have no idea what that would be.  I daydream about being able to volunteer p
  • jlaOKjlaOK
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    I would like to say that I would still work because I alread work PT and really do love my job and my company, but I probably wouldn't work.
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  • ccamccam
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    I would quit my current job in a heartbeat!  I would go back to school to do something I would love part time.


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  • Yes, I would quit my job. As much as I like what I do, I don't have that strong of a desire to stay doing it if I didn't have to. 

    Lillian April 17, 2012
  • How wealthy am I?  If I could hire a full-time house keeper and cook then I would definitely keep working.  Even if I ever stopped working I would need to be doing something else.  I've always loved teaching so maybe I would become a tut

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  • image lukalover:
    I would work and let DH SAH. His job is kind of soul-crushing and he would love to stay home with DD.  My job
  • I would work part time and just for fun, like at a bridal salon. I did that in college and loved it.


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  • I would probably go PT and/or volunteer.  I need to be out with adults who can talk with more than 2 word sentences :)
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  • If $ were not an issue, I would quit and stay at home with my LO in a heartbeat.
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  • KL777KL777
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    I SAH the first 3 years.  If DH and I were independently wealthy, I would've SAH one additional year and then started working part-time in my field (15 hours a week).  I enjoy my field, I just want to make sure that I have the proper family/work

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  • I would have to do something but I don't know what, I'm not cut out to be a SAHM.

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  • Id quit and switch to freelance, this way I could make my own hours. Im not cut out to be a FT SAHM, I need some kind of outside stimulation. This way I could also keep my kickass nanny.



    I wouldn't work.  I would raise my kids, travel the world, volunteer everywhere, take classes for FUN, read books, and be the happiest person on earth.  THE END. 

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  • I would quit my current job and go back to acting/dancing and teaching dance, with a view to opening a dance studio eventually (I need more intellectual stimulation than playing the "dumb blonde" over and over).  We'd probably even submit DD for mode
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