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Non cheesy baby shower games

Anyone know of any they've done before or that we're done at your shower? Or what your favorites are?

Re: Non cheesy baby shower games

  • It wasn't a game, but at my shower there was a piggy bank sized baby bottle and slips of paper for people to give us advice...most of which ended up being pretty darn funny.  They also had disposable diapers and markers for people to write instructio

    Mom made me a pool its awesome

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  • The only game that I have heard of that didn't make me cringe was maybe doing celebrity baby name trivia.

    We didn't do games at mine-- my hostess assigned every guest a number before hand and she had me pull numbers out of a hat to hand out prize

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  • Trivia games with baby name to celebrity matching, baby trivia, etc. and baby shower bingo during gift opening are the least annoying games, in my experience.
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  • My favorites are boring but things like word scrambles, trivia, or puzzle type games. They are easy for everyone and you can still kind of chat while you play them. Another one I liked was melting mini candy bars in diapers and having people guess what ki
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  • Bingo is the only one that does not make me roll my eyes and I enjoy it at bridal and baby showers...playing along makes watching the gifts even more fun. 
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  • I prefer the indirect games. For example, everyone wears a clip of some sort and can't say the word "baby". If they do, their clip is taken and who has the most at the end wins a prize. Personally, I can't stand the dirty diaper game, baby food tasting, e

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    I prefer the indirect games. For example, everyone wears a clip of some sort and can't say the word "baby". If they
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