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Not excited about solids?

I don't remember this being bought up as I may be alone but I have no real interest in giving DD solids.  Maybe I'm being lazy but I have given her some solids since turning six months but its been very little and not consistent.  She's curious but not starved for it...now a glass of water she'll do anything for!  She would probably be happy to try more but I can't get my bum in gear.  I think she my be a late eater!  I also need to figure out when to introduce gluten and dairy if we do at all this first year. 

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Re: Not excited about solids?

  • I am not excited for it at all. We have done cereal a handful of times, her pedi said at her 4 month appt that we didn't need to do cereal that it was more for play. He said we would talk about introducing solids at her 6 month appt. She turned 6 month


  • We are going to start hardcore with it next week. I will be dine student teaching. My bm supply is decreasing so I'm hoping by getting some food in her she won't need as much bm and I will be able to keep up with her. She loves solids. We have done sweet
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  • We just started this week, and I really don't have much desire. She loves it, though.

    I feel like it's messy, it takes up more of our limited evening time, and I am NOT looking forward to the diapers. We cloth diaper and I won't just be able to

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  • DS took a while to get into solids and it looks like DD will be the same way.  I'm not worried at all - and I'm not going to push it at all. RIght now it's more about practice and letting them taste different foods than calories.  


  • She's 6 months today and super ready. So she's getting sweet potatoes for dinner. I'm so sad about it.

    From conception to today, my body exclusively has nourished her. Ending that relationship that is just between she and I alone especially

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