Save my marriage!

My friend told me about a ten year old black lab that needs a home. Its owners are deploying to Germany in June.

I am a sucker for old animals. And I have a black lab.

If I bring home a spare 80 pound lab, dh would be annoyed. He'd get over it, but I'd rather do without seeing the expression on his face when he sees a spare dog in our apartment. There would be several days of sighing.

In my defense, I told him about the lab, and he didn't say no. He said "oh poor dog". He knows me. He should've said no. Now all I can think about is this lab. I've got a bit of a history of bringing home random animals, to the point where dh usually says "no" the minute I mention any pet. I'm trying to figure out a way to bring it up in a roundabout way to avoid the "no". Any ideas?

Also, if someone wants a good with kids old and handsome dog, LMK. You'll be my favorite person forever. I cannot stop thinking about this dog. I want him. So does dh, he just doesn't know it yet.

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Re: Save my marriage!

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