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Healing progress

Just wanted to see how typical my healing "down there" is.  How is everyone feeling?  Are you still sore at all after being stitched-up?

I had a second degree tear that went sideways (as opposed to my perineum I suppose) that required stitches. It's been 5 weeks, and I can get up and down, go to the bathroom, go on walks, etc. without much trouble.  

But I still feel "puffy" or swollen down there, as in if I sit on the edge of the sofa or lean forwards while seated, it's very uncomfortable on my vagina/labia.  Is this typical?  I don't have my follow-up appt for a couple of weeks yet, but I don't have excruciating pain or bleeding so I'm not too worried.  But I can't stomach the thought of an internal exam or sex at all, things are still too sensitive!

Just wondered how my recovery is comparing to other people's? 

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Re: Healing progress

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