March 2013 Moms

How are we all doing?

Now that it's been a few weeks, how is everyone adjusting to their new lives?  Are you March moms finding it easier or harder to cope now the first few weeks are behind us?

I'm finding I'm on the go almost non-stop these days, more so in the evenings when I'm washing then sterilizing bottles, making up more formula, washing the pots and pans, unloading the dishwasher, making DHs lunch, emptying the diaper pail, etc.  It feels like the list of things that need doing on a regular basis just never ends!

I'm less intimidated by the car seat now, and can get DD in and out of the car without struggling for 5 mins with the release mechanism on the car seat base.  I also seem to be able to open and collapse the stroller on my own without looking totally incompetent (I actually dreaded doing this in public for fear of someone taking pity on me and offering to help, making me feel like a very unfit mother).

Also, pacifiers are awesome! 

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