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Does this sound like something to worry about?

My daughter is six weeks today in case you're mobile

So the past few days my dd has seemed very jerky, like more so than just a quick startle reflex. I know newborns can be kind of spastic sometimes but it's taken me quite off guard and im starting to wonder if I should worry. It seems to happen a lot in particular when she's tired almost getting to the point of overtired but fighting sleep however it is not exclusive to that time. Does this sound normal to you?

Re: Does this sound like something to worry about?

  • Yes, this sounds very normal.   Their startle reflexes are very strong in the beginning.  Do you swaddle?  If not, you should def. try it.  This will remind them of being snug in the womb and will keep their arms from jerking around

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  • Maybe I should have added that even her head and neck seem very jerky idk if that makes a difference.

  • It is totally normal. I had to swaddle my little one when she was sleeping or she would wake herself up.
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