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Frustrating dr appt

I went to the doc yesterday afternoon and saw a new doc who spent a total of about 4 minutes with me! I found out Saturday that we r having twins and she had basically nothing to say about it. No congrats ... Nothing. She said "Must be something in the water. Ur the 6th one." She didn't question me on my nutrition or if I was taking my prenatals. She didnt ask how my MS was feeling. But the last straw was when she tried to hear a heart beat and gave up after 30 seconds saying " it's hard to tell on the Doppler if there's two babies anyway. " We will be relying on ultrasounds for that. She didn't even hear 1 hb. Then she scheduled my ultrasound for 6 weeks away ! R u kidding? Now I'm faced with transferring docs again! Second time and the other doc I was thinking of trying is over an hour drive! I'm so stressed about this but I don't want to deliver with a hospital that doesn't have a nicu level 2 at least because twins often come so early.
Okay vent over

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