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I mentioned my concern about my twins flat spots to their pedi at their 4 month apt. I got the 'lets wait and see' answer. At that time they started sleeping on their tummies or sides but still no change at 6 months so we were referred to a neurosurgeon. I took them last weeka few days before they turned 7 months. I was sure my one son would need a helmet but the dr said his spot was mild and my other son he glanced at and said very mild. No measurements were taken except circumference. He said they should round out on their own and if no change in 3 months 10
Months old to come back. When I look at before and after pictures of helmet babies mine look like the before pics. Should I get a second opinion? Does a specialist usually take some sort of scan to get measurements to see what category they fall into? I initially called a helmet company prior to making the apt with the neuro to see if I could get an apt but was told I need a dr order. I am worried if I wait and nothing changes because there hasn't been much change in the last 3 months that by 10 months I will be told they need a helmet and that seems late to me.
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  • My Pedi recommended that we take DD to a specialist at her 4 mo. appointment.  We were sent to a cranio-facial surgeon who said that her case was mild and that we had time to wait and see if it got better.  This recommendation was only after

  • Thanks for the reply.  I made an apt with a different dr for a second opinion.  i spoke with a nurse there to find out if they take any measurements. She said if dr the thinks they need measurments they will send us to get them done.  i

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  • I'd call your pedi and get a referral for a scan.  I asked ours about dd's head at 5 months and he said he didn't see much, but gave us the number to the cranio-facial specialist anyway.  They did a measurement and sent us to get a scan. &nbs

  • my son has torticollis and his head was very flat on one side and he tilted his shoulder as well. He goes to therapy once a week and his therapist says that if at 10mths his head is not back to normal they will send him to get him sized for his helme
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    I'd call your pedi and get a referral for a scan. nbsp;I asked ours about dd's head at 5 months and he said he didn't se
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