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The socks with sandles post got me wondering. .  is there anyone else out there who has yet to buy their little one shoes?  I had some that he got as infant gifts and never wore. We just do socks (no shoes).

He's just now starting to take steps between H and I, so there really hasn't been a point to shoes yet.

I'm planning to get him some soon (since I'd imagine he'll be real walking soon), but I honestly don't even know how to go about doing it.

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Re: shoes

  • We have been doing shoes since December but we also live in WI. If we lived somewhere much warmer, we probably wouldn't of done shoes so soon. I'm a major barefoot person. I can't stand shoes and socks.
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  • We always put shoes on ds, even when he was a newborn! But if you want to start you should go somewhere to get your lo measured! That way you get a good fit!
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  • No shoes here, she's not walking so I don't see the point. I do have some cute sandals for spring and summer dresses but that's it.

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  • She's been in shoes daily since about November/December because it was cold. Now, in her current room at daycare, shoes are mandatory.

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  • It's warm here so we didn't really put shoes on JB until he started walking. Except for church. Now he has a bunch of pairs. I wouldn't worry about it! As for where to start, we got one really good Striderite pair at the beginning to make sure we were get

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  • The only reason we have DS in shoes is for warmth (he won't leave socks on without them).  We are in MN and it's still winter here!  And in two months he is moving to a daycare room that requires shoes also. 

    For first shoes I r

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  • We started putting DS in shoes when he started walking instead of crawling. They go and play outside at daycare now, so it's absolutely necessary. We went to StrideRite to be sure we bought the right size.

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