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homemade squash causing gas pains?

I have been making my LO's baby food. We started with oatmeal and he did great so then we moved on to butternut squash and he seemed to be extremely fussy, gassy and waking up more times during the night than normal!! No other signs of allergic reaction. I just wrote the fussiness and night wakings off as teething (which he was and since cut 2 teeth) but MIL thought the homemade squash might be hard on his stomach and thought the jarred food might be better (which I thought was ridiculous). I tried the jared squash anyways and he did fine. He has also has had sweet potatoes and green beans with no problems. Well yesterday and today we tried homemade squash again and he has been a hot mess all day!! Can it be possible he is having a reaction to homemade squash and not jarred?  I just find that so bizarre!!  

I guess I'm just curious if anyone else has noticed any differences with homemade purees vs. jared food?  

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Re: homemade squash causing gas pains?

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