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2nd time moms of preemies

DS#1 was born at 36w6d, so not even really a preemie, but he was surprisingly early.  I am getting super paranoid about going into labor even earlier with #2 now.  I just want to make it to May 12 - 37 weeks and the day after DS#1's 3rd birthday party.  (Oh and it's also Mother's Day just like DS#1's birthday).

Anyone else anxious about an early arrival after a previous preemie? 

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Re: 2nd time moms of preemies

  • Me. I made it to 38w5d with this LO. Once we made it to ds1's arrival, 35w5d, I just counted the days. I felt a lot better once I hit 38 weeks and I felt I was able to relax.

    Lots of hugs to you. I know how anxiety ridden the possible preemi
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  • DD1 was a 34-weeker, following 9 days of hospital bedrest due to pre-e. So far, I'm going strong! Once I passed 34 weeks, that was one milestone. Sights are now set on 37w, then on 38w2d (when all my work is done!)
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  • My first was born at 34 weeks and my second was at 37 and 6. Im passed that as of today so my record showes that I make it further each pregnancy. Go figure.
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  • At this point I just feel all kinds of greatful. My first was a 25 weeker and if I can claim 37 weeks next Monday I will be so happy. Good luck and prayers you make it to term.
  • Of course. DS1 was born at 33w5d. Todays actually the day I went into PTL with him far so good. Of course my OB is monitoring me closely, I see him 1x a week for an U/S and I also go for an NST 1x a week. My first goal was to get past today.. the

    BFP 5/21/10, Missed m/c 7/5/10 at 11w3d (baby measured 7wks), D&C 7/7/10

    Aug/Sept 2010 - CD3&10 b/w & u/s, genetic testing, SA, HSG, & Lap/Hyst to remove septum

    12/09/10 BFP -- 7/05/11 DS born at 33w5d. Came home after 23d in NICU at 37w0d

    June 2012 - TTC #2! -- 10/05/12 BFP --  5/23/13 DS2 born at 37w1d! Yay full term!

    Surprise BFP 6/25/14 LO#3 due Feb2015!

  • I was, and I only made it to 35 weeks this time. I had the exact same thing happen as with my daughter water broke and we were off. The fact that it wasn't a surprise this time made it so much easier to deal with the situation. Lots of people go full
    Our cycle 12 sweepea was born at 34w 3d!
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  • My daughter was 34w5d and this little guy is still in there! Getting very anxious to meet him though! I was nervous when 34 weeks came too but as you can see it's very possible to go full term with the next one! :)
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