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Mommy Group Vent

So I'm doing a mommies' group class through the hospital I delivered at.  The idea is to get all the new mommies together/out of the house while also providing some education and a forum to talk/get questions answered.  Anyway, we got everyone's contact info last week and one person emailed and asked if anyone wanted to go get coffee this week.  A bunch of us said yes, so it sounded like a plan.

I don't know if the person who emailed didn't come this week or what (it is only the second week), but I stayed after for half an hour waiting to go get coffee before I finally gave up and went home.  Not to mention the two women on either side of me didn't seem particularly chatty (we are encouraged to stay after and socialize), but everyone else were in groups of two or three and it sort of seemed like a lot of them knew each other already.

I know I could have said something about going to get coffee, and maybe I could have crashed one of the little cliques, but I'm kind of a shy person and doing those things seems awkward to me.  I really tried to chat up the two women next to me, but they just didn't seem interested.  So, I went hoping to have some fun social interaction with potential new friends, and instead I have a sore butt from sitting on the floor for an hour and a half and an overtired baby who took 45 minutes to calm down enough to nap. 

I know this is kind of whiney but I really am disappointed.  It makes me not want to go back next week.



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  • Ugh, that sounds irritating. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience :(  I'm a little shy, too, and haven't even sought out a mommy group yet because of that... lol
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  • Ugh I'm sorry :(  I'm really awkward too so I feel your pain.
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  • I'm sorry, maybe try to find a different group? Or maybe there will be a few different ladies there next week? I've gone to a couple meet ups now with mixed results. Sometimes I meet some moms I like talking to and other times Meh.


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  • That sounds rough....I don't like groups of people....never have and probably never will! I am very much a one to one kind of person....I tried going to the gym with a bunch of new mothers after my second baby and it was so awkward. I love meeting new peo
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  • lame! though, try to remember it is probably just as awkward for the other moms as it is for you. likely moms are pairing up not socializing bc they too feel the weird insecurities these situations bring out. for all you know, they just happen to have th
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    for all you know, they just happen to have the same stroller as the person sitting next to them or whatever,
  • Try again! You prob think the others ladies know each other, but they may be just better at small talk, and even if they did know each other, they wouldn't be there if they didn't want to make new mom friends. I promises you that you aren't the only shy p
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