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10 weeks...maternity pants?

Hi ladies! So I am 10 weeks now, and my pants are driving me crazy! I know bloat is mostly to blame, but is it crazy to go ahead and buy some maternity pants? I just want to be comfortable and my jeans are NOT. They are cutting into my waist. I have plenty of shirts I can wear, but jeans are another story! Anyone in the same boat?

Re: 10 weeks...maternity pants?

  • I started wearing maternity jeans around 9 weeks because of bloat.  They were a little baggy so I would pair them with a Bella band.
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  • Maternity jeans are the BOMB. I seriously waited too long to get into them last time -- they are so comfy. Just get a demi-band kind and you should be okay.
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  • You could try a belly band...allows you to leave pants unbuttoned while holding them up.  I am 10 weeks too, and I'm starting to think I may need to start using the one I bought last week.
  • When i was pregnant with my DS I got into maternity pants around 10 weeks.  Are your jeans tight around your legs as well or just your stomach, cuz if its just your stomach, the belly bands work wonders too!
  • I just ordered 3 pairs of maternity pants today. I hate feeling like I just ate Thanksgiving dinner every moment of every day.

    FYI - I ordered some pretty reasonable pants through Destination Maternity. Today, a lot of their pants are 30% and th

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  • You're going to wear them all the time soon enough, so you might as well buy them.

    I needed a couple shirts just because I got bleach marks on a few of my favs, so I just went ahead and bought two maternity shirts @ Target a couple days ago. Ju

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  • I'm only almost 8 weeks and am ridiculously bloated. I bought a "Be-band" at Target for $16.99 and LOVE it b/c that muffin top just ain't pretty...
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  • I bought a belly band and it worked but I should have sucked up my pride and bought some maternity pants. Those things changed my life!
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  • I bought maternity pants already and started wearing them because they're sooooooo comfy haha! I bought them at 10 weeks too. They were 60 percent off so I couldn't pass them up!
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  • You'll need them eventually, anyway, so if you want to, go for it.  Otherwise, try the rubberband +belly band trick (someone else may have mentioned it... i forgot to check).
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  • I have been wearing maternity jeans for just about a week now.  LOVE THEM!  So much better than my regular jeans.

     Still in my regular work pants, but just had to make the switch for my out of work clothes.  

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  • Why be uncomfortable? There's no rule on when it's ok to wear maternity pants so I say wear them whenever you need them. I finally bit the bullet and wore some this weekend because I was ridiculously bloated and they felt so good. As others mentioned the
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  • In maternity pants with #2 and #3 by 10w.

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  • I just got a pair for myself this past weekend. I agree that it is so uncomfortable now with regular pants.
  • Thanks ladies! Looks like I am about to do some shopping!
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