Good newborn/baby apps?

For pregnancy, I had Babycenter, What to Expect, and BabyBump Pro. Looking for good newborn/baby apps. Maybe one that's week by week. Another that's good for multiples. Another that's good to enter in breastfeeding/dirty diaper info. Etc. What have you found? Thanks in advance!
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Re: Good newborn/baby apps?

  • I really like Total Baby. You can keep track of multiples on there, including their diapers, feedings (any type), naps, baths, milestones, dr. appointments, lengths/weights, and pumping.

    I started out with a pen and paper...getting an app made everything so much easier! 

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  • I don't have any organizer apps, but I want to def recommend Sleep Bug for white noise on the go. I play it through the Bluetooth in my car and I'll put the phone in the swing with the boys to help settle them. The app has a paid version, but the weather setting is the only one I use regularly and that comes with the free version.
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  • My BIL and SIL just recommended Baby Connect. You can track everything, from feedings to diaper changes to naps and moods, you can update for multiple babies, and more than one caregiver can update it [dad, or a nanny, for example].
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  • We use Eat/Sleep and love it. You can track feedings, diapers & sleep for multiple children on it. There is also a notes section that I use to keep track of meds. I also have White Noise Lite and Soothe Baby. I have the later simply because it has a heartbeat setting that's been really helpful on a couple of occasions. It also has a setting to record your voice.

    All 3 are free

  • Baby connect! I have an iPhone. DH has some other type of phone. Baby connect lets us both input data from our different phones. Can accommodate multiples well.
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