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Bed rest at 32 weeks:(

I had the scariest Dr. appt. yesterday .I am 32 weeks today. Yesterday my BP was really high. The assistant wouldn't tell me at first. She took it again. It was 160/100! My Dr. immediately sent me to get blood work and then I had to go to the birthing unit to get monitored. I was a mess and crying because there was a chance I was going to have to have the baby that day and sent down to another hospital. Thank God my BP went down...It went to 107/68! Crazy difference. I am doing the 24 hr. urine collection today and now I am going to the Dr.'s A LOT more to get monitored. I am on bed rest as well. I can only get up to use bathroom/shower and get a drink/food. My Dr. really wants me to get to 34 weeks and hopefully 36 weeks....so scared! Anyone have a similar experience??

Re: Bed rest at 32 weeks:(

  • This morning my Bp was 164/98 and went to the dr. They did bloodwork and sent me home to do a 24 hr. they told me to come back on Thurs and didnt act like it was a big deal. I feel like they didn't take things very serious. Never said anything about me be
  • I can not relate to the high blood pressure but I did get put on bed rest at 32 weeks and have a risk of delivering early... I know how scary it is and how boring thoughts and prayers to you
  • This happened to me last week at 31 weeks and the day before we left to go out of state for our baby shower!! However, they didn't put me on bedrest. My BP is usually 110/60 and it was at 144/82, so for me it was high. I had to get monitored over at th

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  • I can't relate to high BP being the reason, but I was put on bed rest at 30 weeks. But I also have twins. It's been ingrained in me since the beginning that I would most likely be put on bed rest at some point, but it sucked having it finally happen an

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  • This happened to me. All my labs and everything came back normal excluding my blood pressure. I had to start nst twice weekly. About a week and half later my blood tests came back abnormal and was admitted for severe preeclampsia. They ended up inducin

  • I was put on bed rest at 27 weeks with my last pregnancy due to Pre-E.  It is scary but I did make it till 37 weeks before they induced me.  Just try to relax and it will go along way to bring you BP down.  

    Good luck Mamma! <

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